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Home again

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Well I guess I should finish our trip. We had a long day on the 29th. We had to have the RV back by 10 am then we had to wait until 7pm to board the plane for home. There was a flight museum right by the airport, so we went over there and looked around for a couple of hours. Jerry does like his planes!! We then found a restaurant within walking distance and it was right beside Lake Hood, which is a bush plane base. So while we were walking there were planes taking off and landing quite a bit. After lunch we still had time to kill so we walked around and found another little cafe and went in and had a cup of coffee. While we were there we heard the news that Sarah Palin was to be our next VP!! :) Everyone in the place was talking about it. They are really excited about it up there. Then we head on over to the terminal and wait and wait. Finally we board and head home. The flight took 6 1/2 hours, and ya know ya really can't sleep on a plane. We make it into Atlanta at 7 in the morning and then we have a lay over for a couple more hours and the we make it into Cleveland at 11:30. And that was our trip and tale. We had a great time. We hope you enjoyed the pics. Love Brenda & Jerry


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anchorage, United States