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catch up

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well we haven't been able to get internet until now so I will try and get you caught up with what we have been doing. Headed to Seward for a couple of days. We want to take another boat tour to see more glaciers. This one is to the Kenai Fjords. We get one that is 7 hours long, and guess what I do again. Get SEASICK!! Not as bad as i did on the CAT but nauseaous non the less. Fun Fun. But we did have prime rib and salmon buffett and I did eat that. Jerry really enjoyed the prime rib. We finally made it back to shore, thank goodness! 

Then Thurs. we head out. making our way down to Homer. We make it at about 9pm. It is a big fishing town. We find a place to park on the spit. That is just a a5 mile stretch of land on the end of Homer. It was really neat, we looked out our window and there were three eagles on the beach. Just standing there waiting for a salmon.

Then on Friday we head out of there. Head up the road to Soldotna and park for the night. The next morning we are taking a walk and we meet a man and his wife from Arkansas. They have been up here since May. they were fishing for salmon and canning it to take it home. They said that they usually take 21 cases of it home with them. They pressure can it and also freeze some too. Now that is alot of fish. So the next time we stop is Coopers Landing. We would like to go on a rafting trip. Jerry talks to a man who tells him that the best one is over in Hope. So that is where we are going tomorrrow.

Sunday about 2pm we make it to Hope. We find the place that does the rafting trips and book one for 2pm tomorrow. Then head on in to the town of Hope. It isn't a very big place.It doesn't even have a gas station. But it does have what we need for this, wireless service!! So this trip is winding down. We have til Friday the 29th. Our flight leaves about 7pm and we fly all night. Heading to Atlanta then into Cleveland in the morning of the 30th. Hopefully I will get a couple more days in before we leave. Later!


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