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To quote someone much greater than I shall ever be, "I could not tell if I was in heaven or on earth." I am amazed that every step of the journey I take further East, reveals even more beauty. Arriving in Turkey was not so exciting as I was on the mail level of the catamaran, and with the water splashing all over the windows, it was hard to see much clearly. I got in line in passport control, and one of the first things I saw was a sign expressly forbidding the importing of any dairy - including cheese. With visions of Midnight Express flashing through my mind, I quickly found a WC and through the kefylatiri out. Better safe than sorry. I also did not buy a Visa - not my fault the desk was hidden by people, all who so smartly bought their visas somewhere else. So off to the side, pay 45 euro, get back in line, get passport stamped. They never did check for the cheese! Upon exiting the building, I saw Driver (always wanted to say that), and the first thing he asked for was 5 lira to pay for parking. Hmmmmm, can I be getting ripped off already. Fortunately not, for when we got to the stand where he exchanged with another Driver, he gave me back the lira. 

The drive from Marmaris to Turunc was ehilerating to say the least. Just leaving town, we came upon a tow truck trying to extract a vehicle from down a steep ravine. The fact the trucks have crane like winches says so much. The road was narrow, constantly folding back upon itself, and every climbing. But then we crested the mountain, not like the Rockies at all, and followed the narrow, constantly folding road down down down into Turunc. Everywhere was verdant green. Lush. Vibrant. Exotic.

Driver delivered me to my hotel, took out my suitcase which for some reason is getting heavier and heavier, and left. I was greeted at the gate by the manager who escorted me to my room #2. Ok, in Venice I stayed in a pretty cool 4 bedroom apartment. Florence was an interesting hotel that had slats under the mattress, and if I turned carelessly, they would fall out and make an awful rattle. Santorini was a nice room with a great view overlooking the road. Rodos was a great room, with an L-shaped balcony and a night club singer doing cover songs until all hours of the morning. Then there was Turunc. What can I say - the soothing sounds of the pool, the mourning doves, the song birds in the morning, the kingsized bed in an a/c room. The table and chairs outside my door. It really is so incredible. However, what I should be comparing is bathrooms and showers. From full shower, to shower curtain that stops two feet above the floor so the entire bathroom gets soaked, to one with a shower curtain that just meets the little basin but if I move the water splashes, to one without any curtain but a raised edge, to Turunc. Ah Turunc, you with your smartly closing shower enclosure.

I met the owners, Margaret and Gerry, who have been coming here for 10 years and bought the hotel two years ago. Have a dessert, on the house of course. Have a drink, on the house of course. They came from Leeds and I think they cater to quite an English crowd, but no English breakfasts served here, thank you. They are wonderful people and had lots to share about many topics. 

Today was a water taxi trip to Marmaris, a short bus bus ride to the bus station so I could purchase my ticket to Istanbul for Saturday. The agent was very nice and gave me the seat with the most sprawl room, and as it is a 13 hour bus ride, that is going to become very important. I will have to make sure my iphone and computer are charged. A short bus bus ride back to the harbour front, a bit of walking around, and a water taxi back to my hotel, found me lazing around the pool, reading, and watching bougainvillia leaves drifting down. This could be heaven. At least for now.


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