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Cesky Krumlov

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On from Prague we went through to Cesky. We stopped at Maccas on the way as apparently everyone goes out in Prague, can't say that we did in our one night unfortunately. I think Czech have the cheapest Maccas in the world!

It was raining when we arrived in Cesky, jut for a change, but as soon as we hiked up to the Hostel I knew we would love it there. Hostel 99 was up on a cliff overlooking the town and has it's own deli and restaurant. We were introduced to one of the lovely guys who run it, there are only two and they pretty much do everything. They gave us the run through and then checked us in. Sarah and I got this really cosy little twin room and I pretty much made the most of being able to go straight to sleep for the first time in a long time. When we woke up we went on an adventure to explore the little town. It is so cute and quirky. We met the loveliest little lady in a shop who wanted to move to Australia but then chose to move to Cesky instead?! She loved us. Didn't have a massive night as we were planning to do the rafting pub crawl the next day. The Hostel was like home, it was like a really cute Bed and Breakfast up in the hills. They had a widescreen TV with a hard drive with heaps of movies so we put on Due Date and chilled out with the Cesky equivalent of a cup of soup which was gross and had the weirdest stuff ever in it! After an early night we were all rested up for the rafting pub crawl. Nothing was stopping me from doing that - we bought pink ponchos in anticipation of rain but sadly didn't get to wear them :( We wanted to actually see some of Cesky before getting smashed so we decided to go in search of the famous bears and castle. It took us awhile to find, apparently they don't really believe in the signage thing there. The bears were really, really cute and the castle was amazing. We didn't go into the castle as a group of guys were lifting some sort of contraption in the hallway to it. We waited for about 10 minutes but no doing so we went back to the Hostel pre-rafting crawl. We got one beer as a traveller but then noticed people were mixing up bottles of vodka so we made a dash for the nearest market and did the same.

We got a mini bus down to the river edge and they literally dropped us and left us with a raft and plastic bottles of whiskey or rum, I kind of forget the minor details now surprisingly. Anyway we got on one of three rafts and set off. Unofrtunately our team wasn't so good with the whole going straight thing but they guide had explained that the way to operate the raft was to take a sip of your beer. Anyway I think a fair bit of alcohol consumption was done in the first leg as it kind of gets hazy from the first bar! We took heaps of photos and then I managed to wreck Sarah's camera (So glad for travel insurance). It was cool, we just paddled over to the edge and tied up our raft when we were ready for a stop at a pub! I remember that we did eat 6 bowls of chips in about 2 minutes at one place. Most of them actually refused to serve us food though! And one lady cracked it with Sarah when she decided to go behind the bar and pour her own beers. Points for trying but pretty sure it was a glass of froth! I think my naughty influence is wearing off on poor innocent Sarah!

So they assured Sarah and I that we wouldn't fall in and I did tell them that 'no, I really will' and guess who was right?! Yep, of course I did. It was when we were getting off to go to another pub and I grabbed Brians hand to jump off (cool Irish guy) and then the raft started moving in the opposite direction to the land and I was stuck in limbo. I ended up pulling Brian in also so it did turn out quite funny. Wish I had a photo of that one! Lucky Mina had a massive hoodie as that was all I had to wear for the rest of the day, did feel a little odd going to bars with no pants on but hey if Britney and Paris can do it..

Fair to say the locals found it pretty funny and recited 'Drunken Sailor' to me a couple of times. I also drank from my cup which apparently had fallen in the river and was now a mix between river water and Mojhito. This did not sit well the next day, but that is a completely new story.

We were meant to be back by 7pm, which was exactly we emerged from ou rafts, looking a lot worse for wear I am sure! We did take a before and after shot but I seem to be missing from the after!

We made it back for a nice warm shower, pretty sure about 40 minutes later I got out and we all went for dinner at the Hostel. After dinner it was off to a local bar where I showed off my super impressive pool skills. Wayne - 'Your pretty good for a girl' - hmm thanks for that. As you can tell I'm sure, had a super early night that night. So glad the bus didn't get there til 11:30 the next day. Thanks to Mina and his exceptional scrambled egg skills - pretty sure this healed my mysterious illness that I woke up with. Too bad the handle on the pot broke and we all ended up on egg rations - the floor claiming the majority.

Onto Vienna next!


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