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Part #2 of Prague - funny stories

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I left out the funniest 3 stories of our time in Prague I have just realised, how silly of me!

#1 After getting a few ciders from a market we decided to sit down the side of the hostel in a construction area. There were a couple of feral cats running around. All of a sudden I saw this cat run up and start sniffing a timber framework 'thing'. Then smoke started to emerge from there and we were joking that the feral cats were getting stoned. All of a sudden a full fire errupted and we had to run and get the Hostel staff. The guy was looking at us like we were crazy but grabbed the extinguisher and ran out the side with us. He put it out pretty quickly but was highly pumped as he said he had always wanted to use that thing but never had!

#2 Was when we went for our walk shortly after this. A police car started driving slowly past us and we were kinda freaking out as we heard they fine people for pretty much anything. They rolled down their window, whistled and started shouting out at us as they drove past?!

#3 We then went to have a sauna as we were so pumped that the Hostel had one. We got into our little bikinis and went to open the door and get in. We couldn't see through the door and to my horror when I opened it there were approximately 50 guys squashed into a square metre. There was not one female! They were pretty happy to see us I think and were yelling out for us to come in. Pretty much slammed the door and said we would come back later. Probably had to be there but my face when I opened that door must have been priceless!!

Stay tuned for Cesky, loving this awesome little town! Much needed break


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