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A reasonably low key evening in Prague

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Up nice and early to catch the 8:00 bus express to Prague (or Praha if you are a local). Apparently we usually have to stop in Dresden so it usually takes a fair bit longer but they have like 3 buses going to each location at the moment so only one bus went via Dresden. This meant we were able to get to Prague hours ahead of schedule which was convenient as we only have the one night here.

It was our first 'shared dorm' experience of the trip and I think we chose the right hostel to that at. The Hostel has it's own 'girls only wing' so we just share with two other girls - Sarah and I are bunking it up! The other girls seem quite cool, haven't really seen all that much of them though as no-one really hangs around the room. We pretty much dropped our bags, got changed into something cooler - the sun was shining woooooo. Was only 21 there but felt like about 41 after the weather we had been experiencing for the last few days.

We had to go in search of an ATM as believe it or not we don't tend to carry Czech Corunas on us.. We spent ages trying to figure out an ATM in Czech but couldn't actually get our cards to go in. A guy later told us that machine had eaten his card just before we tried to use it, phhheewww. Anyway ended up finding one and all was good. Felt rather funny getting $2000 out for a couple of nights! I had to get a monster Red Bull can from the local mini mart as everything was finally catching up with me - I HAD to drink every night in Berlin, what else was I do to in rain??!

Anyone one the guys had a wedding in Prague that evening and was meeting up with some friends. We decided to tag along and come into the city, mainly because our area looked similiar to Doveton..!

There are certain rules to Prague:

1; you cannot J walk as the police will fine you, and they are literally everywhere. Feels kind of funny waiting at traffic lights forever even when there is no sign of any traffic.

2; You must buy a tram ticket, same deal with the cops.

We couldn't find a ticket machine so we ended up living on the edge a little..

The tram trip was quite the experience. Crammed up with all of these people, getting local informtation on the area! Didn't take us long to get to the city and thankfully the scenery had started to improve! The city was really pretty, once again very different to anywhere we had previously been. Beej had to get a shirt for the wedding so we ended up shopping around for a bit. It ended up being Sarah and I trying everything on and spending all of the money though!! I bought a dress and jumpsuit and it was kind of scary when it come to a total of 650cz. I was happy when I worked this out to be 24 euros. It's funny how Sarah and I have learnt to go by the Euro now, will be interesting when we get home. We got some Tuna salad from the food court, the girls were openly laughing at me when I ordered it though! How rude!

There was this awesome little busker doing Coldplay covers which was kind of nice to listen to in the middle of the pretty city. The crowd were really getting into it! We pretty much just caught the tram back straight after as we were meant to be catching up with some Bus About crew for dinner at the Bowling Alley. Turned out to be pretty much just the tour guides so we got a drink at the bar and made a speedy exit!

I was planning a large night but that didn't end up happening - kind of lost the motivation to drink after a couple and we decided to hang out in the room, we are so social!! Everything is ridicously cheap here so it's proved to be a pretty fun afternoon/evening even though we went to bed fairly early. This is NOT to say I slept well. I have not been able to sleep in any of the hostels which is a little shattering - they are SO loud. Anyway I ended up waking up at 5am when everyone was getting home and making huge amounts of noise so here I am - blogging away by myself at 5 in the hotel lounge. Everyone is like getting home from their evenings so I must look kinda funny/geeky right about now! Oh well. More from Czech later as we are travelling through to Cesky - looking forward to a laid back town where we can just relax. These big cities are killing me!


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