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Berlin is pretty much the worst city ever. Actually I think it would be really cool had it not rained from the moment we arrived right up until the end. So pretty much, haven't left the Hostel..when we do brave the weather to go and get food etc we pretty much come straight home as it is so cold and you get soaked. This is how I pictured London not Germany :(

Anyway we did the pub crawl on Wednesday evening when we first got here.  That would have actually been really cool but we had spent 9 hours on the bus during the day which really drained us. They went to 5 pubs but we didn't make it past the 3rd. It was pretty cool, they passed around free shots to us all night. We got the best kebabs and went home to bed. The best thing about Berlin is the kebabs!!!!

The next day we did very little as the weather was crappy all day. We got eggs finally, haven't had them since we have been on holidays so I was VERY excited. We also got orange juice in champagne glasses for breakfast, how cool is that??!

We were planning on just going to the cinema for the day but we couldn't be bothered trying to find it in the pouring rain so we just went back to the Hostel and went back to sleep - how exciting are we? It is just the worst weather ever and really does not motivate you to want to do anything.

That night we went to a restaurant around the corner, looked cool but the only slight problem was that the menu was entirely in German. The only thing that we could read was a tapas platter for 2 so we just got that! It was not the best when it came out but that was okay, I washed it down with a Becks Gold - my favourite beer of Berlin :)

After this we were on our way home but then we saw a sign that said 'Vanilla Mango Margarihtas', which made us both stop dead in our tracks! We sat down and the lovely waiter brought us over pour MASSIVE drinks along with maps, wi-fi codes and lots of other handy hints. After our margarihta we were both pretty happy and retreated back to the Hostel bar to use wi-fi and drink more. Sarah went up to get our laptops and I met a familiar looking boy at the bar. I worked out that it was Adam Cant and he played hockey with Steve and was in Lauren's year, We had a couple of beers together and chatted about the awful weather.

Today has been basically the same. We went for a quick tour of the shopping centre which was AMAZING but the weather is enough to put you off feeling like doing anything.

Anyway now I am back at the bar, enjoying another Becks gold. Really not much to report on Berlin. I haven't even got to see Checkpoint Charlie and The Brandenburg Gates or anything even remotely cool. Oh well, maybe I will return another time Berlin, Off to prague tomorrow :) The weather is meant to be reasonably nice and sunny and 21. That sounds really hot right about now!!


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Berlin.. BOO

Berlin, Germany