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Dar es Salaam, first day in Africa

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So yes, here we go ladies and gentleman! I actually prepared to write a much longer piece for my first blog entry but turns out this internet cafe is slightly over priced and we need to be back at the hostel soon anyway. Hence this much must suffice until a better opportunity arises!

So in short! Flights were ok, apart from sore bum and lack of the recent Harry Potter film but major plus on the food! Also lost the first one of my possessions and it had to be my CASIO watch, specifically bought for this trip. I'm planning to purchase another one, although aparently I wouldn't need one in Africa anyway.

The country itself seems to be very relaxed and not that much different from the tropical countries I've encountered. Very little hassling so far though which is surprising (we do walk around in quite big groups though and maybe they can smell that we are here on a scientific mission seeking naturalistic enlightenment). but yes, has been nice and people have been generally nice (apart from our taxi driver this morning which had to hide from the police at one point...).

oh we've also been to the Botanical gardens which consist of an assemblage of random trees without tags.... Lots of wildlife fluttering, crawling and running about too. at the hostel we've got our very own "MANGROVE" kingfisher tapping on our windowsills at 6am. why he's there and what he's doing I don't know.

right, running out of time! all in all I quite like the country and people already and am looking forward to this trip of exploration!



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African adventure

dar es salaam, Tanzania