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This town is does not have a PG rating

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Amsterdam - where to start and we have been here for like 4 hours!!

On the way here we had an amazing stop at Hazeldonk just before the Belgium/Netherlands border. We got to pick our piece of Salmon and he put it on the hot plate in front of us and served it with yummy potato things and some green stuff wihich remotely resembled a mix of bok choy and cabbage.

We arrived here around 6pm and pretty much set straight off as we are leaving again at 8am. Everyone things we are absolutely crazy for only staying here the one night as it's pretty much the highlight of their trip - I am pretty sure one night here will be more than enough!

As soon as you walk outside onto the street the smell of Marijuana is so overpowering..Don't smoke Marijuana Mmmm-kay.

Over the road from the Flying pig hostel was Vondel Park which is an amazingly beautiful park. It was nice to stroll along there in amongst all the green.

The souvenir shops sell the weirdest things I have ever seen, and I have seen some weird things - Steve for one.. The thing you don't hear so much is how stunning the town really is. It is built around Canals which are really pretty even if they are the same/worse than the Murray in colour.

The buildings once again are amazingly beautiful, we haven't seen an ugly town yet..

The thing that was the weirdest is the guys that just stop their cars in the middle of the road and reverse to speak to you! Just in our hour walk we had one guy call me 'sweetie - you just like Demi Moore - is that a compliment?!' and 2 cars stop and tell us we have beautiful eyes etc etc, it was all very original. Sorry Craig, pretty sure this will not be your favourite journal entry, lucky I let you know on Skype first!

We sat in our room at night, didn't feel too safe being out in this city in the dark, and watched White Chicks. It seemed a little funnier than usual though...?!

Our bus left at 8am the next morning which was a good 14hr stopover in Amsterdamage. Haha.

Next onto Berlin... :)


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Amsterdam, need I say anything further?

Amsterdam, The Netherlands