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Bye Bye Brugges

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Our last night in Brugges was fairly quite and uneventful but maybe that is just comparing it to the previous evening!

We had a few champagnes, got half a souvlaki each and headed back to our room for some much needed rest and recooperation.

When we woke up in the morning we decided we had to actually see some of Brugges other than the Hostel bar! Of course there was nothing but sunshine for our last morning there, it was a stunning day in Brugge. We went to the Bell Tower as I wanted to do this after watching the movie. BTW impressed you have seen it mum! It was pretty much the most steps I have been up in my life. They are so narrow etc also as they made it so only one person could go up at a time, as they only had one guy at the top on 'look out' during war times so he could pick off intruders as they came up one by one. This made things extremely interesting when half of the people were going up and half were coming down!

Next we went to the Cathederal. Again, not particuarly religious but interesting/pretty all the same! They had a piece of cloth with Jesus's blood on it (hmmm...not so sure about that one) that we could view at 11.30. Actually touched the glass around it and then Sarah taught me how to do the father, son, holy spirit thingy! Sarah said she was very proud of me...nawwwww.

It was pretty funny as we walked past a bar called 'The Crash' and I took a photo of it for laughs as I thought Steve would find it particuarly funny. Turns out that was the bar we left at 4am..I thought it was a place called 'De Muppets' next door the whole time!

We had to go back to the Hostel after that and say goodbye to our Belgian acquaintances - actually sad to say goodbye and we had been there 2 days!

Things I wont miss about Belgium (or more so the Bauhaus Hostel):

-The shower was cold and you had to press a button to keep it on as it turned off after every 5 seconds literally. I must have pressed the button 100 times while having one shower!

- The place was SO noisy, you woke up at least 5 times a night when people went up steps or opened doors. We tried to sleep during the day but there was no way that was happening, even though we had 2 hours sleep the previous night.

The bus left at 13:00 so we pretty much had to go straight to the meeting place after this and jump on.

This bus trip would take us to the wackiness that is Amsterdam, which brings me to my next Blog!


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