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They call this the middle of summer?

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'Hallo' said in sing songey Belgium way. Another freezing, miserable day in Belgium, Pretty keen to see some sun again. We are actually pretty glad as not really feeling too motivated at the current point, quite a large night!

We ended up going down to the local mini mart last night and getting some smirnoffs to have some pre-happy hour drinks! After that we headed down to the bar and there was pretty much one 70 year old guy who was extremely drunk and passed out in the toilets shortly after we got there. I got another couple of beer; peach and the beer on tap which was called 'junilper or something similiar. People slowly started trickling in. The guy at the next booth was using his laptop and had to ask us to unplug it as it was beneath our table - biggest problem ever. He got chatting to us and ended up sitting at our table and going through the whole Belgium map with us. Sarah had been having a massive craving for 'frietz' (fries) so we thought this may be a good chance to make a get away after awhile. I made an exit line and said we were going to the restaurant to eat, to which he responded 'yeah thats a good idea, I will go and get us a table'! Ha. Anyway we ended up sitting there and having more peach beer for awhile as we couldn't get a table. We ended up getting one and had some dinner and then our friend David bought us shots for the next two or so hours and we played some pretty funny drinking games. Turned out to be a bit of a laugh. It was pretty funny as when I was in the toilet I heard some guy outside saying he was from Berwick, I ran out and was like 'me too!'. Turns out I knew all of his friends and I think I actually was at a few parties that he was at back in my hey day. Small world hey?

I then ran into some girls from Bus About and she invited me out. I ran back and felt obliged to invite our 'friend', I filled the girls in on the story discreetly. We tried to subtly lose him which happended right at the end! He was actually a nice guy, we are horrible people! The funniest was when Louise exclaimed really loudly 'where is that weird stalker guy who you guys are trying to lose' - yes he was standing beside me...

I walked along speaking with their friends, met a guy from the Gold Coast and also one from Mitcham. We couldn't find much that was open other than a chocolate shop as apparently nothing is open in Belgium on a Sunday. The crew decided to call it a night and for some reason Sarah and I couldn't make it past the bar so we decided to stop for a night cap (probably the longest night cap I have ever had in the end! I spoke with Mitch from Berwick again and struck up a conversation with a guy I kept walking past on the way to the toilets! He turned out to be really cool and we met his friends. They were from the Gold Coast but were working on the new part of the Hostel. We drank with them for ages and ended up going to another bar. Can't really recall getting there or back.

My head was spinning so we headed straight down to the bar for a beer. Only joking. Even I am not that much of a machine, make that a coffee and some free breakfast which was pretty much just bread and jam.

Since that was have been lazily walking the streets of Belgium, have had chocolate and strawberry waffles and bought the famous belgian chocolates.

Enough from me for now, may retreat for an afternoon nap.


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