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Bus About, Brugges, Belgium...Beer

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I have decided to do half a blog early on as there are 1 euro beers from 6-7pm and I fear I may not be able to enter one later on..

We woke up early today and made our way to the tube at 7am, we didn't have to be at St. Christophers until 8 but decided it was better to be safe than sorry. We walked up there and saw the huge pretty blue buses! We ended up having to wait like a whole 6 minutes per train so we didn't really get there too much before 8. We loaded our bags under the bus and jumped in, we had to sit up the very front seat - felt a little like the class geeks! The seats were very nice and comfy and we had our own little desk thing with a speaker input built in.

They said we would be arriving in Bruges around 11:30 which was convenient as the ETA had previously been 1pm. They show a movie on each trip, this one was aptly named 'In Bruges'. It had Colin Farrell, the frech chick from GG and Ralph Fiennes in it, wasn't too bad.

We stopped half way at a little service stops which had basic toilets, coffee shops etc. I got this awesome 'Milka' hot chocolate from a vending machine and Sarah got a yummy looking chocolate crossiant.

Feels weird being on a bus and crossing into another country within about 1.5  2 hours! We arrived just before 12 and on cue, it started pouring down as soon as the bus stopped. Not fun considering it couldn't get under an arc so we had to get out on a highway and walk for 5-10 minutes. The other rather inconvenient part was that 'Frank' our bus driver had put the bags in on the wrong side and we had to stand pretty much on one lane of the freeway and grab our backpacks out! How funny we must have looked doing all of this in the pouring rain, there were a few toots going on.

We ended up getting to the Hostel too early for check in so we have since been taking a stroll around Belgium. It is very lovely, very different again to the other two countries we have been to but beautiful all the same. All of the medieval buildings are very cool and I actually managed to get money out from an ATM here. It is nice that most people here speak English after being in France where that is a rarity.

I will let you know how the rest of our afternoon/evening progresses very shortly. Looking forward to happy hour thats for sure!


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