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Rain, Pain and fairly mundane

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Our final day in Paris was not all that it was cracked up to be! We did plan on going to a market..or theatre...or shopping.. or the Lourve. Jet;lag/fatigue finally caught up with us however and we were slow to get going. The rainy day did not help, finally our first one! We decided to firstly make our way to the Bus ABout meeting point so we would not be in such a mad rush to get there tomorrow as we have to be there by like 7.45am and we had never travelled in that direction. We made our way there with a couple of subway changes, unfortunately our 3 day Metro pass had expired - best 20 Euro everr! Crimee turned out to look a bit 'bronxish' and I had no idea how a modern hostel would fit in. At the end of the street there was St Christophers though and it was a nice hostel, we stopped for a coffee and bathroom break.

We did plan to explore the area a little further however the 3 coffees by 11 had not done the trick at all and we were still exhausted. We ended up catching the tube straight home and eating salad before having an afternoon siesta until 4.45. I did have a sneak peak at the footy scores when I got home to ensure Melbourne were winning :)

When we woke we went for a stroll down our street as we hadn't even had time to do this yet - we found heaps of cool little clothes and gift stores in between the many delicattessens and pattiseries. The rain was pouring again by now and we ducked and weaved out of shops to avoid the downpour.

In one of the shops we met this awesome guy who could speak broken English but told us of all these cool things we could do, including the best discoteques where all of the famous people go. He wrote all of it down for us and was so kind, if only we had have met him a day or two earlier as we have to get up and go tomorrow :( We had no idea what to do for the day and we got all of these suggestions in the evening.

After getting a bagel for dinner and yet more goats cheese and crackers we set home for some snacks, of course washed down with some vodka. I have been so naughty here, my diet has consisted completely of champagne, vodka, wine, goats cheese, crackers, bagels and salad.

Sorry for the short, fairly uneventful entry today - we didn't exactly have the most exciting day in Paris. It didn't help that I have tendonitis in my foot and am struggling to walk anywhere, I think I overdid it slightly in the first couple of days. I am sporting a lovely swollen foot. Are you impressed that I diagnosed myself from a google search though? Pretty sure there is nothing Google doesn't answer for me. I am sure my blog tomorrow from Belgium will be exciting though; Lace, beer and chocolate wooooohoooo. kiss



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