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Paris - The city of Lourve

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Still coming back to reality from the excitement of Bastille Day we woke up around 9am - would have been good if we hadn't have gone to bed at 3am.

Today was supposed to be our first slightly relaxing day as we didn''t have to be anywhere at a particular time. After spending the morning on Skype and slowly getting organized we set off to see the sights of Paris. We had to do like 3 train line changes and travel for many km's but we still got there within like half an hour. Some guy tried to ask us something about the train in french (i pressume), ummm you are the local sorry. I am actually a whiz at the metro system. I know exactly which one to catch, where to change and how to detour if we want to see any additional sights - I feel like I have lived somewhere here in a previous life, had the same feeling in the UK! Must be the Walton coming out in me..

We went to the Notre Dame first which was really, really beautiful and an eye-opening experience for me as it had been such a long time since I entered a church - possibly baptism?! There was a mass on as we wandered the length of the church and took everything in. When we left we went and bought souvenirs - everything looked so cute with the Eiffel Tower on it so we ended up buying far too much.

Next stop was the Eiffel Tower, although we had spent the previous night watching it along with the fireworks we felt it wouldn't be right not to see it during day light. I am glad we did though as it was SO much bigger than I expected. Yes I know that sounds silly but the base of it took up SO much space. We only took a few quick photos, due to Peak season it is a bit hard to get into most sites as you have to que for hours on end.

After a quick can of coke to refuel we made our way to the Arc de Triomphe. I didn't know what to expect and just kinda went to say I had been there but it was actually one of my favourite landmarks there. It was so beautiful and the architechture was just truly amazing so I took quite a few snaps there.

The next stop was the Lourve. I would love to say I actually went in but by this stage we were getting quite tired from walking and getting on and off the tube so we took a few photos and left. We did order Banana and Mango (mangue) smoothies at McCafe before leaving, would have been quite nice if we hadn't have been served with Pineapple and Strawberry..

We made our way back and decided to have a picnic in a local park as it is a beaurtiful 25 and nothing but sunshine here today. After we got the bagels and wine we decided to come back and get changed into something a little cooler as we were boiling, we didn't end up making it further than our balcony.

So basically we have been sitting here and drinking glass after glass of champagne and eating the best bagels with sundried tomato and goats cheese ever for the past 4 hours. This is the life. There is nothing overestimated about travel, I couldn't recommend it more after this holiday. Anyway after that deep and meaningful I will go back to my champers and get back to you soonish.

Quick looking forward to starting BusAbout on Sunday and having others 'lead' us, not that this hasn't been fun, just awfully tiring and stressful at times.


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