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It's a small world

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We woke up at 8am due to the fantastic roller blinds on the outside of the window - I actually cursed myself upon waking as I thought it was around 2am again.

We set the alarm for 8am as I knew it was Bastille Day and I thought we had better make our way to Disneyland early to avoid lines. Then the fun really began.. I remembered that I had left all my information for the holiday at Michelles including the tickets (YES Dad, I know) I had thoughtfully printed in advance. Hmmm. That's fine we decided, we will just look for an internet cafe nearby and re-print. Uh oh, Bastille day meant that NOTHING was open, the french do not even work on the weekends so there was no chance on a public holiday. After walking around every street imaginable and racking our brains we decided to give up. I had offered anyone euros to use a printer but we could not find one!

Upon giving up we decided to take a little stroll and happended to stroll past a guy opening up his internet cafe!! I frantically asked if he had a printer - he nodded but looked at me puzzled as if 'why does this girl look like she wants to kiss me?!'. We got in, printed the ticket and set off. He had even helped us find the appropriate train route so we actually found our way there really easy even though it was approx an hour and 3 train changes to get there. I think we are the only country with a bad transport system, the trains here come like every 2 minutes!

When we stopped at "nation', Sarah decided to get an iced tea so we stopped at a vending machine whilst waiting for the train. We put the money in, however the machine was blocked and never delivered the drink! Two teenage boys came up and started speaking in French. We managed to communicate with them and they started kicking the machine in! It didn't really work too well so they helped us get one from a different machine and then get the right train - all whilst speaking seperate languages! When on the train they came up with a note that the handed around the train saying they were refugees and needed money. They had been helpful so we have them a few euros.

We actually made it there relatively easy and found our way through to the 'Parcs'. Sarah actually suggested a beer before we went in so we stopped and got ales. I was impressed that she had suggested this at midday but not so much when she could only get through half! Then it was into the lovely gates of Disneyland. I was so worried when we got to the ticket booth as I had bought some for both parks for like 30euro each and it had 150 euro for like 1 park on the sign. I bought them online and was sure I had been scammed through last minute as they hardly even looked like tickets. The lady did appear extremely puzzled when she saw the ticket confirmation letter and had to look through a folder under her desk. Soon enough she presented us with two tickets to Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios however. Bargain!!

It was all so much fun and we took a million photos once again. We had a blast and tried to go to as many rides as we could, which wasn't many considering there were so many people there for the public holiday. We ended up having an ultra sickening chocolate roll for breakie and amazing ice-cream for lunch, healthy. This may explain why we had to get off the tube go back to the apartment and make a gourmet salad. We did wash it down with champagne once again though. After this we decided to go and see the fireworks at the Eiffel Tower for Bastille day which started at 11pm. We had to drag ourselves there but it is pretty much the best move of my life. We caught the tube there and arrived to a glittering Eiffel Tower covered in little fairy lights! Then the firework display began and it was unlike anything I had ever seen. I had tears in my eyes!

After one of the best experiences in my life I almost saw it flash before me! As soon as the display finished literally like a million people ran for the station. I was getting shoved from three directions and could see the headlines of girl dying from getting squashed. Then there was  riot breaking out and Police officers were shouting and grabbing people. Very scary indeed.

Now we have retreated to the apartment with snacks and iced tea and are still on such highs that it's 2 am and we  are wide awake.

No set plans for tomorrow for the first time since we have been here. We are going to sleep in (hopefully) and then go and see as many landmarks in Paris as we can. Woooooo.


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