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Wonderful Excursions to Visit in Malta

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Looking for a unique and unforgettable place to spend your next holiday getaway? Malta sightseeing tours can provide you with a beautiful experience you will never regret.

With Malta sightseeing tours, you will explore the glorious history and culture of this little island in the heart of the Mediterranean. Unlike most other Mediterranean destinations, Malta is well-loved because its attractions are concentrated in a small area, making tours more convenient and fun.

If you are planning to travel in Malta and looking for weekend breaks in Malta, then it is a city that offers you more than your expectations.

Blue Grotto and Zurrieq Valley Creek:
A natural sea-cave, accessible by little boats performing regular trips, weather permitting.
The area surrounding Zurrieq is also famous for its wonderful country walks. A walk from the parish centre towards the cliffs overlooking the Blue Grotto, would lead one through wonderful scenery, including the valleys of the area as well.

A fishing village and open air market.
Marsaxlokk, the most photographed Maltese village, is one of the oldest ports in Malta. It’s name is derived from the words Mersa Sciroc, meaning “port to the south-east” named by the Saracens during their occupation of the Maltese islands.

Malta’s capital city. Walk around the streets of Valletta, the city of the Knights, and visit the newly restored “Valletta Waterfront” (quite a walk from the centre of Valletta).

Even of you don’t specifically visit for the history of the place, still a great walk-around.
Mdina is known to many as a medieval, walled city. Its history, however, dates back at the very least to the classical period, when the whole area, including the present-day town of Rabat, formed part of a Roman settlement.

Crafts Village, Ta’ Qali:
See blown glass being made, purchase silver filigree items and other Maltese products.
It's the ideal place to buy ceramics, jewellery and knitwear, pottery and see glass blowing and moulding as well as other craftspeople at work.  Here one can buy something completely unique and original to take home.  Within the craft centre one can find the Aviation Museum displaying aircrafts.

If you want to get a feel for the more cosmopolitan Maltese lifestyle, pay a visit to Sliema.
Sliema  and the coastline up to neighbouring St Julian's constitutes Malta's main coastal resort. It is a centre for shopping, restaurants and caf'e life. Sliema is pronounced "sleeyma" and sometimes mistakenly pronounced "selima" by tourists.

It’s not quite Malta... a must-visit for any tourist.
Gozo is the perfect island holiday destination, a serene land where time has stood still. An all-year round destination, Gozo is ideal for beach holidays, religious or historical travel, an eco-holiday, spa vacations, a self-catering stay in one of our unique properties, a walking holiday or just an opportunity to get away from it all and indulge in great food, great beaches and an exceptional culture.


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Wonderful Excursions to Visit in Malta