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Day 3 and up at 5am Boooo. I stupidly thought I would wear my ridiculously uncomfortable shoes again as 'we wouldn't walk that much today'. After a quick breakie consisting of coffees and bagels at Michelles we were off for the days. I google mapped Madame Tussauds and they said it was a 30 minute walk away. We set off in the brilliant sunshine and all was well. We were making great progress until we took one wrong turn and then I think the walk ended up taking an hour or so! Who knew Paddington was so large? When we got there the que was literally down a couple of streets, I was so excited when we got to join the VIP line as I had booked online. It only took us about 15 to get in from there although we pretty much had to line up and get pushed every which way to get a photo with any 'celebs'. My highlight was Justin Beiber, can you believe that Sarah didn't even want a photo with him???!

We tried to get around quick as it was all getting a bit too much. So from there we went off and caught the underground to Oxford circus and shopped down Oxford street which had many great shops. Too bad our backpacks won't allow much shopping, on second thoughts maybe this is a good thing?

Only stopping for a chai at Starbucks, we made it down the street and on our way to Cambridge Theatre. We already had tickets to Chicago for this evening however we decided a massive 'Thank-you!!!!' present for Amy would be to buy her a ticket so we could catch up before we move on. We managed to purchase another one and found the restaurant that we get free dinner at tonight,Kitchen Italia'.

Discovering that this was the first day that hadn't completely flown by and we had 3.5 hours to kill, we have retreated to an internet access room to kill some time and catch up with home.

Hope everyone is well back in Aussie land, would miss you all if I had any time to think of anyone - Sorry but have to be honest here!

I might write a little bit more tonight after our dinner and show. Oh yeah, and then we are going to go and experience Leicester square as apparently it's really pretty late at night. May even get a wine..Why not hey?



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First stop London!

london, United Kingdom