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Amy's 24 hour London Tour

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I pretty much had the best day ever yesterday and I hae Amy to thank for getting to see so much. She was not working so begged to 'tag along', we were more than happy with the free tour guide.

First we went and checked into our first of a couple 'Air B 'n' B place. We caught the train through Paddington to Warwick Avenue. Melbourne transport system take note - there is pretty much nowhere you can't go with the underground/overground and we have never arrived at the station when the train hasn't been there awaiting us - they come like every 4 minutes!! Amy was most unimpressed that she had to wait 12 on a Sunday- what like 1200 minutes yeah?! Anyway we found our way here thanks to the genius of google maps. It is in a lovely little area which I think looks very similiar to Toorak with all the beautiful old trees and white house style apartments. Michelle our host is lovely and directed us to the bus we needed which was approx 6 metres from our door. She supplies us with cereals and bagels, tea and coffee in the AM so we can sit out on the little sun deck and eat.

We started the day in search of Harrods, the main point of visiting London right? Much to mine and Sarah's delight, a double decker bus came to pick us up and Amy showed us to the best seat in the house to watch the scenery from. Amy came up with a list of about 7 different sights which we thought we were being optimistic about seeing in one day but we did it in great time in the end. So we started in Harrod's which was pretty much the greatest place ever. I made a silent prayer when I was in there and asked if my heaven could look like that. It was slightly depressing at the same time as the cheapest thing in there was like 100 pounds. When we could no longer stand to window shop, we went along the knightsbridge street strip and went to Top shop, H & M etc etc. After a quick soy chai latte at Starbucks to refuel we walked down the Hyde Park. It was amazing to walk through even though we pretty much had to fight our way along the path, but thats pretty standard here I have noticed. I saw my first little squirrel there and was very excited about that!

Next stop - Buckingham Palace of course! I can't really use words to describe any of the buildings so you will have to look at the photos I upload shortly. Thereis just amazing architechture everywhere. Then we walked to Big Ben and London eye - again please see photos. When we walked accross the bridge to get photos of the London eye, there were entertainers dressed as the Queen etc, of course the grabbed my hand, put a crown on me and made me dance around with them LOL.

Off to Trafalgar Square, we had to stop for a sorbetto at Cafe Nero along the way as we had walked to all these sights and we were desperately in need of a rest. We continued along to Trafalgar square and sat near the pretty fountains in the lovely sunshine.

Then we walked to Embankment station so Amy could show us her favourite landmark - the Tower Bridge, We were not dissapointed!! We stopped at the supermarket and got wine and cashews and sat on a grass patch just looking out at it. Unfortunately at this point blood starting pouring out of my nose and sisn't stop for the next hour (the girls timed it), they were convinced that I would pass out due to the extreme blood loss! When waiting for this, Amy explained that she 'thought' the bridge went up when big ships came but had never seen that. Surely enough when walking back accross the bridge a siren went off and the bridge starting rising in front of us - it was fantastic - I think Sarah mentioned it every 10 minutes after that until we went to sleep!

We set off to go to Gordons Wine Bar which was stunning but absolutely packed and there was nowhere left to sit so that was dissapointing. We went to a little old English pub in the end and got a few beers. We met some lovely people from the theatre who were going to give us cheap tickets but unfortunately Sarah and I couldn't fit it in. I had been pondering why anyone would want to visit Australia earlier that day after seeing all that London had to offer, this was answered when Tom said 'F^&* off, you live on a beach - I am so jealous of you'. Ahh the small things we take for granted.

We managed about 1 drink and then back to our little apartment for a good night sleep - until 5am...


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First stop London!

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