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Arrival into London

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So I did say I would write a blog per day - I feel that some may be shorter than others depending on the amount of alcohol consumed - but I will attempt to stick with this.

After hearing horror stories about the Melbourne - London flight I think we expected the worst which actually worked quite well for us. Qatar were great and supplied us with everything with needed - little bags with wooly socks, eye masks, toothbrushes, ear plugs etc were waiting for us on our allocated seats, along with nice fleecy blankets and little pillows. I stupidly took my laptop and harddrive on the plane which I definately didn't require as we had our own little touch screens with movies, TV shows, music and etc. I turned on a movie, ate my great little dinner, popped a restavit and went to sleep after the movie had finished. It was broken sleep but I think I ended up getting a fair bit in.

Stopover at Doha was at 6am and already 38 degrees. We had to catch buses from the plane into the main airport. By the time we got through to outr gate we had under an hour to wait anyway, We couldnt buy anything from duty free as had no idea what their 'QR' equates to! (Have since googled this).

Anyway the rest of the flight went quite well and then we were at Heathrow. Upon landing I suddenly recalled that Amy and I hadn't really communicated much before I left and she was meant to be picking us up from the airport..I didn't even have her number!

I had told her that the flight arrived at 1.15pm and by the time we got through customs it was after 2 so I was a little stressed. BTW customs was fun when we couldnt give them a specific address where we were staying. Surely many people put 'Bus tour' as their address!? Anyway the customs guy wanted to get into recruitment so I think he was more just up for a chat.. FYI Craig Hill - my geek sheet came in very handy as I just whipped that out of my bag to show all like 30 addresses!

When we got out, surely enough their was no sign of Amy. We had a quick look around but couldnt contact her or anything and I assumed she had tried to contact me in the past few days to let me know she couldn't make it or something. I was a little scared though as I know Miss Amy Evans is pretty much the most reliable person I know. So anyway we bought an oyster card for the subway. We couldn't find our pounds and the guy behind the esk sat there drumming his fingers on the desk and wouldn't say a word to us! Then we couldn't figure out how to actually insert the oyster card into the machine to open the doors. Turned out that you just had to swipe it on the sensor but this took us a good 5 minutes and some dodgy looks along the way. We were finally on the right train and unstrapped out 15kg of luggage of our backs. Then.. the driver says that there are train works going on so we have to get off in like 3 stations. I only had a couple of brief instructions from Amy and would have no idea how to get by with a detour - only us!! Anyway they said there was a replacement bus service which caught up with the line. That was all good until we caught the wrong replacement bus which took us somewhere else altogether. Finally getting on a correct train and making our way to Amy's, Yes we actually found it on our own, we arrived to find no-one home..arrgghhh. So tired by this stage we chucked our back packs on our shoulders, got changed on her door step and made our way to the nearest cafe with wi-fi to contact her. Poor Amy was at Heathrow, she was a bit late due to the trains being down. Poor Amy!! We worked out after that we must have missed each other by approx 2 mins. And of course even though she had been waiting around for like 3 hous, Amy still apologised to us!

Inside Amy's house we collapsed on the couch and then took showers for the first time in days :) We went to an English pub last night and Amy and Mel did the right thing and ordered 'Bangers and Mash' (the waiter was horrified that Amy ordered without Onion and gravy) but Sarah and I got boring old calamari and chips. I ordered us cider as I figured that may help to slowly get Sarah on the beers. I don't think it mattered anyway as Sarah's eyes were pretty much hanging out of her head by that stage. Needless to say we went home at about 10pm and went straight to bed. Now I have been up since 6.20 by myself writing blogs, sending emails and hoping there would be someone on Skype (no such luck).

So yes, wehave arrive safe and sound with a few (minor) hiccups along the way.

Oh yeah and the weather here FYI has been boiling, freezing, windy, beautiful all in our one day - ahhh right back in Melbourne (it actually feels quite similiar to being back home).

More to come...


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First stop London!

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