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Travel To Pakistan: The Land Of Natural Beauty And Archeological Heritage

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Welcome to the fabulous Pakistan. Pakistan is unique! Located in the heart of the South Asian sub-continent, it is a country with its own history and cultural heritage, fascinating in its own right.

From the north, the land of Pakistan is home to several mountain peaks; the Karakoram and the Himalayas which attracts adventurers and mountaineers from around the world. From dissected plateaus to the rich alluvial plains of the Punjab, follow the isolated barrenness of Baluchistan and the hot, dry deserts of Sindh blending into miles and miles of golden beaches of Makran coast.

Tourism in Pakistan has been stated as being the tourism industry’s next big thing and a visitor to here is more than a tourist to us he is an honored guest.

A trip through Pakistan introduces you with an attractive land that has preserved the essence of its conquerors in the form of present day monuments and archaeological heritage. It captures great variety, from hidden bazaars in the narrow streets of Rawalpindi to Mughal architecture that rivals the Taj Mahal in Lahore. It is a land enriched by friendly people and glorious landscapes. Moreover, the country’s attraction ranges from the ruins of civilization such as Mohenjodaro, Harappa and Taxila, to the Himalayan hill stations.

Murree is one of the most popular hill stations whose attractions include the Mall road, Bhurbhan, Kashmir Point and the Pindi Point. It has spectacular scenery which is the perfect setting to enjoy shopping and outdoor activities such as hiking and horse riding.

If shopping is on your agenda, then Pakistan will surely not disappoint you. Be it the famous markets of its capital Islamabad like the famous Jinnah market or options from the city of lights ‘Karachi’ which will give you an opportunity to treasure the beautiful mirror work from the Sindh region, get beautiful brassware souvenir items, shop for gold and jewelry and the best embroidery work of South Asia by master artisans. The Park Towers Shopping Mall, Zainab Market and the Empress Market are some of the celebrated shopping destinations of Karachi. Also, because of its closeness with the Arabian Sea, a number of beaches are also there with many opportunities for tourists such as fishing, family picnics and water sports.

The cultural capital of the country; Lahore is fondly known as “The Heart of Pakistan.” There is a popular saying, “He who has not seen Lahore, has not yet been born.” Lahore is a charming and unique city with a rich culture and a wealth of artists, poets and films. People of Lahore are known for their hospitality and offer a warm welcome. Here, the noteworthy attractions that visitors should aim for include Lahore Fort, Shalimar gardens, Badshahi Mosque and the traditional Anarkali bazaar for shopping.

If you come towards Southern Punjab, Multan is surely your destination. The city of Saints is the main Southern city of Punjab province which has always enjoyed a great importance in the history. From Multan one can set off for the adventures in the Cholistan desert and adventures in the rivers of Punjab like sailing in Chenab and camping along the banks of the river which gives an extremely close look at the beautiful culture of Punjab.

So what are you waiting for, come, travel to Pakistan, this is an open invitation to every one to come visit, don’t listen to the media, don’t listen to advisories; this country is full of friendly folks, flora and fauna. Nature smiles and sun pays its first homage here in Pakistan.


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Travel To Pakistan: The Land Of Natural Beauty And Archeological Heritage