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Strumble Head to Lower Fishguard

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We woke to misty drizzle which dried up before we set out for the bus at 10. It felt as though the sun was going to come out at first but it never really materialised and we even had quite a heavy shower at one stage requiring the waterproofs but for no longer than 15 minutes. There was only a light wind and on the whole warmer of late – even warm enough to walk in a t-shirt despite there being no sun. The guide says this is an easy walk but the path is quite rough in parts, can be slippery, and there are a few sharp up and downs although not for as far as the previous day. The coastline was once again interesting with the different rock strata and the way it has been eroded and sculptured by the wind, but lower than the later sections. There is only about 5 to 6 miles of coastline before you turn the corner and Goodwick and Fishguard are in front of you. The big thing of interest today were the seals; most were lying on rocks, they were all very large and in one cove there must have been about 20 of them at various places around the cove. They were making bellowing screams occasionally and with the echoes around the cove it probably would sound what you would imagine a banshee would sound like! Quite eerie. At the cove with all the seals scattered about we met 3 people sat at the side and they asked us what the noise was and when we told them and pointed out the seals all around them they were quite amazed – they must have walked past lots of them and never noticed them!


At Goodwick you walk down the cliffs to the ferry terminal on a steep zig zag path through a wood that seems to go on for ever until you meet the driveway of a hotel then cross over this and down a few steps and straight onto a footbridge over the queuing lines for the ferry except there wasn't any queuing traffic when we went over it. You then walk along the seaward side of a high security fence until you past the terminal entrance.  You then walk along the front at Goodwick and up a pathway to Marine Walk which is a tarmacked path that skirts the cliff line under the houses at Fishguard until it comes into the back of Lower Fishguard where we crossed the bridge and got to the bus stop within 10 minutes of the next bus going through.


At Goodwick Beach and along the Marine Walk there are a few interesting plaques which tell you a bit about the history of the area. The main claim to fame is Fishguard was the first landing of the French when they tried to invade Britain in the 15th century. It all went sour and the French signed a peace treaty at the Royal Oak in the centre of Fishguard within 3 days of landing. There is also a memorial stone along the path about 2 miles before Goodwick that states that this is the place the French first landed.


Anyway despite not finishing at the finish line that is us – we have completed the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path all 180 something miles of it and it took us 86 and a half hours of being on the path (including stops).


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Pembrokeshire Coastal Path

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