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Caerfai to Newport

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Another day off walking, changed the sheets and towels and did the washing and drying – the site at Caerfai has some excellent facilities and so so clean. The view from the van as well I will really miss – it will be had to beat. Shame about our immediate neighbours (quite a young couple) who had a pair of yappy dogs that yapped at everyone that went past and they never admonished them for barking either! The also had budgies in their van which were also quite noisy at times. I'm not sorry to leave that lot behind!


We stopped off at the Co-op at Fishguard on the way through to stock up on groceries – almost didn't get parked! Then drove on to Newport and are now camped in the Conifers campsite just shy of the Newport town boundary. The facilities are basis the fees are cheap enough, we also have another excellent sea view and we are 5 minutes from the path and we can hail down the camp site gates – very adequate (oh and there is even TV reception which is more than we got at Manorbier!). We had a walk into Newport and it is quite a small town, very quiet, probably more a retirement place than anything, but it does have a number of pubs, restaurants and cafés within easy walking distance of the campsite. The beach front is also quite stunning with a meandering river (Nevern) splitting the extensive sands.


At Caerfai there was virtually no wind and the sun was shining in a blue sky when we left. At Newport we still had the blue sky with clouds in land but a chill wind and it got very cold sat outside the van. We decided to go to the pub for our tea and had fish and chips at the Royal Oak – very good.


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