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Abercastle to Strumble Head

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The day started off with lots of sunshine but with a lighter breeze and still not very warm. We walked up to the bus stop and met a German couple who were also walking the path but they started at Dale (as apparently a lot of people do so that they miss out the Milford Haven section). Apparently when on the bus the previous day then had asked to go to a certain destination and the driver asked whether it was two singles and the lady said quite indignantly that she wasn't single! They wondered whether it was possible to get married singles! The bus once again was quite busy and the driver was entertaining as well. He met a mini bus up one lane and although they had only a short distance to back to the next passing place he totally refused and the bus had to back up quite a way. The mini bus had a small trailer on the back and he obviously didn't have the confidence to back up the lane with it. Just as the bus started off another mini bus appeared and he had to back down again – it also had a trailer attached. Then a short distance further up he met the bin lorry! Then less than a mile further on a tractor but the tractor did the backing this time.


We set off from Abercastle and once again we were surprised to see how many walkers we passed. We passed a couple that had been on the bus and went onto the next place Tregwynt to access the path from Aber Bach. Once again the cliffs and scenery from Abercastle to Aber Mawr/Aber Bach is really stunning. At Aber Mawr and Aber Bach you have to cross shingle banks on the beach then the characteristics of the path change; the cliffs are steeper and the path becomes more rugged, before you get to Pwll Derri there is a steep ascent to a granite tor which forms the basis of a massive cliff. The going here is very rough under foot with a number of boulders and rocks to negotiate. As we reached the top of the tor we could see a tractor descending a field with cows in it and there were also cows in about 4 or 5 other adjacent fields. The cows went into frenzy mode as they all tried to get to the tractor before each other. Don't think they were impressed though when he started to spread muck – they obviously thought it was food!


We also saw ahead of us a beautiful white house with panoramic windows ahead of us – this turned out to be the Youth Hostel at Pwll Derri. For the remaining 3 miles to Strumble Head the path was rough, descended quite a lot to start with then settled into undulations, the final destination was the light house which you could see on the top of the tor and didn't look too far away but there were a few intricate weaves to add on the mileage before you actually arrived. The day had started to cloud over when we got to Aber Mawr and by the time we got to Strumble head we had an hour and a half to wait for the bus it was really cold without the sun for warmth and there was also a cold wind that didn't help.


There is no public access to the light house but there is an old look out building which has been converted into a place to watch birds with a few information plaques on the walls. No toilet though!


I really enjoyed the first part of the path but not quite so the last bit.


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