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St. Brides to Newgale

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The weather was overcast cooler and still. We went for our normal bus of the previous couple of days and once again young Charlie was there to go wind surfing at Dale – he had his mum with him this time although she didn't get on the bus with him. The bus arrived on time and was quite full with what looked like walkers like us. St. Brides Haven stop is only about 3 miles on the bus so it didn't take long but the whole bus was in up roar when a young guy on the very front seat where a wheelchair can go got up briefly to pick up the bus timetable and then sat down again forgetting that his seat is a pull down one so he tried sitting on fresh air – he did it so graciously but really quite funny and it was clocked by the whole bus. Most of the bus seemed to get off at St. Brides with us. It was quite beautiful at St. Brides Haven the tide was in and quite busy already and quite a few divers – I believe the water is very clear here so perfect for divers. We set off in front of the large group of about 10. The path was very easy going all the way to Nolton Haven but before then we went through Mill Haven with 2 statues – the Waking Eye and the Sleeping Eye, the Little Haven, Broad Haven and Druidston Haven. At each Haven you needed to go all the way down to sea level then back up again. Little Haven looked very good and there were a number of eating places but we had set our sights on Broad Haven for lunch so went through to there but Broad Haven was a bit disappointing although we had a serviceable lunch at the Galleon Inn it just seemed too commercialised and not as inviting as Little Haven. As the tide was in we couldn't walk along the beach between Little Haven and Broad Haven instead used a narrow road between the two which wasn't suitable for long vehicles. The weather got warmer and the sun came out but we were on the edge of the cloud most of the day and the wind finally got stronger when we arrived at Newgale.


At Mill Haven there was a squirrel set on a post looking out to sea, as we came level with the post it tried to play hide and seek with us and was making disgruntled squeaking noises as we weren't moving away. It actually thought it was hiding at the back of the post but the end of it's tail could be seen poking over the top!


Just coming into Little Haven we had to do a slight detour to go round a team of coastguard men who were obviously practising a rescue over the cliff.


We were staying in a campsite above Little Haven and once we were past Broad Haven and all the way to Newgale, we could look back towards the campsite and see the the trees delineating the campsite prominent on the skyline.


Druidston Haven has a hotel which also seems to have claim to the cliff path as you have to divert onto the road to go round the hotel even though there seems to be a path along the cliff. As you walk down here there seems to be what looks like an eco house. When you get down to the shore you can see it better, according to the guide it was built by a local MP and is nicknamed Teletubby house. The path a the bottom seems to have been re-aligned and as we went up the first bit I was quite surprised to meet a 4 wheel buggy coming down towards me and taking up all the path.


Nolton Haven also looked a pleasant place to sit on the beach and there was a pub and a car park as well. Between Nolton Haven and the start of Newgale sands the path goes up and down quite a few times so is quite strenuous for the end of a days walk. Then the last three quarters of a mile can be walked along the sand – really great firm sand till you reach Newgale village itself and the Duke of Edinburgh pub which is where the bus stops. Of course we had to have the obligatory beer to complete the days' walk. The other odd thing about Newgale is the large shingle/pebble/boulder mound which delineates the sand and runs the whole length of the beach.


The bus back was interesting in that we got to see the other side of the teletubby house and we were surprised at some of the really narrow lanes that it travels through especially coming into Little Hampton where the bus barely gets past between two houses!


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