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Milford Haven to Dale

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The buses worked very well we hailed one down at Hasguard Cross about a 2 minute walk from the campsite. It was a 400 we got on but we had to change to a 315 at Marloes, but it was waiting for us. Caught the bus at 9.50 and arrived at Tesco at Milford Haven about 11.20. We had some messages to do in Tesco and also bought a drink as it was already promising to be an extremely hot day. It wasn't until around 11.40 before we finally set off around the docks area. The first mile or so was on pavement. You very quickly get out of Milford Haven and onto a path along the headland round South Hook Point where there is an oil refinery inland connected to a jetty going out into Milford Sound. You actually go under the jetty and pipeline. From this point onwards the path is very straightforward it follows the coastline very well and goes in and out a number of inlets. The heat of the day proved to be the worse problem as it is quite exposed until after you cross the stepping stones at Sandy Haven, then we hit a wood which was blissful for it's coolness until you emerged onto the open headland again.


It is important on this section of the path to consider the tides. We couldn't change the times of the buses but for the days we were walking we hit the low tide perfectly so that we could cross the 2 bridges that are only exposed 2 hours each way of low tide. The first one is at Sandy Haven about half way along this section and the other less than a mile away from Dale. If you don't manage to cross the stepping stones/bridges then there are lengthy inland diversions on roads.


Progress along the path is very good, you can see then end for a large percentage of the journey and at one point it seems a stones throw away until you turn a corner and realise there is another bay to negotiate first. At this point you hit the shore and traverse along the top of the shoreline until you reach the second set of stepping stones and wooden bridge across the stream. This shore line is of pebbles and rocks and when you hit it your speed is very quickly curtailed.


After this bay there is a short section on the road before you reach Dale. We were a couple of hours too early for the bus, we did consider going to Dale West Beach and then walking back to Dale for the bus but didn't think we had enough time to do this. So we found the Griffin Inn and sat down outside for a couple of drinks before catching the bus. After a scorching day so far the weather seemed to change and the wind got stronger and we got colder.


The bus was more or less on time and we once again had to Change from the 315 to 400 at Marloes and this time we did the Martin Haven bit. When we returned the sun had more or less vanished from our pitch and it was getting late and the wind was still blowing so we had tea inside and thought about our next day!


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