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Pembroke to Milford Haven

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Got the bus again from Morbier to Pembroke and set off walking round the castle, an excellent way to see this part of the centre of Pembroke, although we never actually visited the castle. You then re meet the main road to cross the river and go back round the other side of the river and very soon are back into farmland and you travel through paths in woods and along fields before coming into the back of Pembroke Docks. This is where we lost our way a little bit as the guide told us to go straight on and the signs pointed us left, we went left then ran out of signs and cut across a park and then into the back of the housing estate and industrial area. Nothing very inspiring here, obviously a very depressed area judging by the number of shops that had closed. You eventually come out by ASDA and form her go up a road that goes sharply up hill and eventually comes out at the toll bridge (which you don't pay for if you're walking). The bridge is very high up and quite daunting to cross. Just on the other side are some beautiful individually designed large houses built into the hill side, the other side of which is a large marina housing some amazingly expensive looking boats. It's such a contrast from either side of the bridge – very poor one side and extremely rich the other. This also follows into Neyland itself – there are parts that have very poor badly maintained buildings then other parts where there are newly built estates with new wrought iron fencing all the way around – almost an 'us and them' situation. Before coming into Neyland you cross another small bridge and then go immediately left and skirt the top of a woodland area with the marina beneath you.


Neyland does not have a beach you just go along the road around the sea front then turn left on a very narrow road and go through Llanstadwell into Hazelbeach. There are some lovely old properties here as well as an interesting old church. We had an excellent lunch at The Ferry House Inn at the end of Hazelbeach – just outside here were 2 swans with 7 cygnets! We were a little early for their opening time but they let us in and were very friendly and obliging, we had Pembroke sausage and onion baguettes – very good


After here you walk around the back of the hotel and then cross a number of fields and a couple of bridges as you walk around the Haven side of an oil refinery and over the pipelines that service the jetties. Not very difficult and nothing really special but once again surprisingly secluded despite being so close to the refinery.


As you come into Milford Haven you are on a high up promenade with some very large (and old) houses behind you. There are some excellent views in all directions, mainly of industrial plants but put in the setting they aren't overly obtrusive. You follow the main promenade along and down into the docks area of Milford Haven. A road bridge goes above the docks but you can walk underneath and catch the bus as well as go shopping in the large retail park there. We also took a trip into the library where the Tourist information Centre is housed and purchased a ready reckoner for the mileage on the coastal path. The lady was very helpful.


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