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West Angle to Pembroke

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Got a bus from the main road by the campsite into Pembroke (drops you at the castle in the one way system) then caught the Coastal Cruiser from outside the Co-op just a little further up the road, which took us to West Angle. We met a guy on the bus that said he was doing the path from North to South and it had only taken him about 10 days so far and he had 4 more days to complete he was going to be 70 on the day he was staying near Manorbier (the day we would be moving on from there).


The day was sunny again with a cool breeze but very pleasant when in the shelter. The walk from West Angle to Angle was very easy. As you come out of West Angle you turn the corner and look into Milford Haven. You then turn the corner again and come into Angle Bay with Angle on your left and the large oil refinery on your right at either ends of the bay. The view was very picturesque as you turned the corner and looked towards Angle, but in the other direction all you can see is oil refinery. The coastal path goes all the way round the bay, first on the rocky shore then onto an access road, through a small wood and then skirts the bay at low level through a number of fields until you come onto the access road to the refinery. We stopped and had a picnic lunch here then carried on along the access road and up along another road by the side of a fort. You then go into woods and into a field and basically follow the perimeter fence of the oil refinery until you are past the flares. I think one of the fields we went into here must have been one of the longest I've ever been in it must, it was quite narrow but very long and housed a herd of young bullocks which we came across near the very end. They were quite inquisitive and followed us for a while. Soon after the flares you come across the church at Pwllcochan where the land and all the village houses have been bought by the oil refinery company. The church has been developed as an educational nature centre for local schools and invites you to go and find out about the otters that live nearby.


After the church you then follow a woodland path that takes you around the back of the power station and then on through farm land and woods basically following  roughly the line of the pylons. Despite walked by oil refinery or power station for a large proportion of this section they are very well masked and the path is through fields and woodland and minimal roads. Apparently the pylons are being maintained at present (the power lines to be replaced in the next year) so there have been various clearing operations and it is easy to become disorientated on these new tracks – which we did and hit the road too early to Huddleton too early. The path doesn't actually go into Huddleton but takes a detour down to towards the coast before coming into Monkton and on to Pembroke where we finished for the day at Pembroke castle and caught the bus back to Manorbier where we had pizzas from the restaurant at the camp site for tea. This was quite a long day finishing on tarmac  and quite a warm day as well but not very difficult.


On the Thursday after walking past the oil refinery there was a major incident where one of the tanks being maintained blew up and killed 4 people. We actually saw the plume of smoke generated from the explosion when we were sat out at the Redlands campsite at Hasguard Cross which is probably only a couple of miles north of the location of the oil refinery as the crow files. In fact the flare stacks and some of the taller structures in the refinery can still be seen from the Caerfai camp site near St. Davids.


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