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Amroth to Monorbier

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Train to Tenby then had an hour to find where the bus went from to take us to Amroth. Good map at train station but didn't take account of the different road levels so went a very circular route. Bus timetable said stop was outside Somerfield but it was actually at Sainsburys. Small bus shelter for lots of people (smokers and long distance travellers in the pouring rain). Our bus arrived and we were concerned that we wouldn't get on but we were at the back and nobody moved towards it. We had to push through to get on! A small bus but it needed to be for the terrain. The lady bus driver was very chatty and jovial. After quite a convoluted route dropped us at Amroth castle and we walked another half mile or so until the bridge that should have had a plaque on it saying it was the start of the coastal path. There was no sign of a plaque. There was a post though not so far away saying that the coastal path was 186 miles which was a surprise to us as we thought it was only 183 miles!


Went along Amroth beach then up along a headland and reached an old railway line which went through 2 long ( and dark) tunnels before getting into Saundersfoot where we stopped at a beach front cafe for lunch. Carrying on to Tenby there were a few ups and downs but quite surprisingly pleasant views and some amazing geological coastal constructions on the way. Tenby was smaller and more picturesque than I expected. We did the route round the headland and then looped back on ourselves then up through the main town where we came across a whole load of tourists out and about for the bank holiday. We came out at the end of the town where we had wandered trying to find our bus stop earlier in the day.


We came to a beautiful beach (one of many we must  admit) where we seemed to join a large walking party in a race to get to the end of the beach first. We just managed it first but then they had to stop and re-group at the end anyway. We then went up on the headland and had a wonderful view of the islands just off Tenby. The going was fairly easy keeping fairly high up on the limestone cliff top. Our next main place was Lystep – we had to descend to the beach here as there was a massive caravan site right up to and along the beach front. We stopped at a bench and watched tractors re positioning boats. Weather was very windy, overcast and cool – quite good for walking in. We went on up the caravan park road and although there was a path around the point we didn't go that way but carried on to Manorbier. There were a couple of inlets to go round and the main geological change was from limestone to sandstone. The path was quite high up on the side of a rounded cliff and with the wind this made it quite scary for me – had my blinkers on all the time! Met and passed two couples that had captured a lizard. Once at Manorbier we still had another mile and a half to go to get to the campsite. Quite a long day but definitely more picturesque than expected.


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