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On the first day I didn't do very well with charging batteries, first the Garmin gave up only 3 miles into the path then my camera battery registered very low so I exchanged it for the spare one and this registered just as low!


While the Garmin was recharging a couple of days later it stopped completely and seemed to be completely dead, nothing we did could coax it back into life. I put it away not expecting anything from it again but when I came across it a couple of days later I tried switching it on and it sprang into life! I don't know what that was all about!


When we had finished for the day at West Angle I got onto the bus and was exchanging my sunglasses for my normal glasses and part of one of the arms broke -we took it into the opticians at Pembroke Docks but they said they would have to send it away. I'll just have to be very careful wearing them until we finish and are home again and I can see what can be done.


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Pembrokeshire Coastal Path

West Wales