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In and Around Yediburunlar - May 2011

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Gey is a tiny village between Fethiye and Kalkan on the Lycian Way. In May 2011, we stayed for a week at the Yedinburunlar Lighthouse Hotel, which is situated about a mile from the village along a very rutted and bumpy track.

During our stay at the hotel, we were taken on three treks in the countryside around Gey. The pictures that we took on those treks can be seen by clicking here, and photos that we took in and around the hotel can be seen by clicking here.

We also spent a relaxing day on a gulet from Fethiye, pasing the attractive Hotel Letoonia, which was the first hotel that we stayed at in Turkey several years ago, and visited Patara and Kalkan



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In and Around Yediburunlar Lighthouse - May 2011

Gey, Turkey

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