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A Very Short Story

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Something has happened to me that I never thought could. Yesterday, as I was sitting on a bench in the middle of Nottingham's City Centre, a blind man walked into me. 

He was short and round and wore sunglasses; typical blind man, I cannot say (I haven't met many in my life). Walking down the cobblestone road, at an alarmingly fast pace, his white stick moved back and forward-- tap, whack, tap. 

I sat, mesmerized by the tapping of his stick, in awe of how close it was coming towards me. The stick came closer and closer... The man sitting next to me finally said "Hello! Hello!"but his cries of warning were too late. WHACK into my feet. "Oh sorry!" the blind man said. "No problem," I replied. The stick never stopped moving, and neither did the man, as he just barly made it through the small gap between my bench and the next. I thought about offering him help, but he was gone. Tap, whack, tap. 

As I watched him race down the road, I thought, "I guess he's never been here before?"


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