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Random Obervations

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Babies with French and English accents may sound cute, but not when they scream. In fact, they sound just like screaming American babies. No cultural difference here. Earplugs are a universal necessity. 

There are very few big grocery stores in Nottingham. Typically, there are many smaller stores that sell a lot of pre-packaged food. For lunch, I've see people in Nottingham buy pre-packaged sandwiches. I've bought two from Wattrose, and both have been less than satisfactory. After eating egg cress and mayo on wheat bread, my stomach felt like it was full of cardboard. How can something that tastes so bad have 375 calories? I know it was 375 calories because the box read, "Only 375 Calories." In my opinion, any calorie number above 150 is not worth printing, unless the 375 was to serve as a warning...   

According to an article written for This Is Nottingham, "Health experts said the high proportion of cancer is surprising in Nottingham considering its young population but lifestyle factors such as smoking, drinking and obesity and poverty could be to blame." ( I am not so surprised. It seems like more people smoke than not in this city. Once, when I was sitting in the square, little white flakes came flying towards me. They fluttered down just like the last snow flakes of March. "Snow!" I thought. But alas they were just the ash from someone's cigarette. 

To the rest of the world, Americans are notoriously known for being "fat." I do not contest this. All I will say is that in Nottingham, there are always long lines in McDonald's, and not everybody is a size six. 


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Visiting My Dad

Nottingham, England