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Ooo, Very Trendy

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These are the main trends I've seen in Nottingham thus far. Coming to America:
1. Tights. Can be worn with jumpers, skirts, shorts, and pants. Typically black.
2. Aladin pants. Wear them capri length or full length. Any color. 
3. Boots. Such include, uggs, black punk-rocker boots with untied laces, high-heel boots, boots with multiple buckles and spikes, heel cowgirl boots, brown boots with laces tied, and (yes) platform boots. 
4. Cigarettes
5. Vans sneakers

1. Track suits. 
2. Sweat-pants material, in general.
3. Tight pants.
4. Tight pants that hang really low.
5. Pants that are loose on top and tight at the bottom (like soccer pants).
6. Wearing a light-colored denim shirt with dark denim pants and brown shoes. Accessories include leather bracelets or Elvis hair. 
7.  Cigarettes
8. Vans sneakers


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Visiting My Dad

Nottingham, England