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Maui Day 2

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Woke up to a beautiful sunrise over Haleakala which I soon discovered was due to the morning torching of the sugar cane fields.  The largest active sugar plantations are on Maui and the first step of the harvesting process is to burn out all the dead undergrowth that has accumulated in the two years it takes the field to mature.  It does create some spectacular sunrises, though...

We decided to explore the West coast of Maui today.  Our goal was to wander up the coast to the Nakalele Blowhole and try to hit Maui Brewing on the way back for a late lunch.

The "Dragon's Teeth" at Kapalua  were pretty spectacular.  Truth be told, just about everything was pretty spectacular...

I was pretty impressed with the vigilance of recycling cans on the island and how almost devoid of litter the island was.  Which makes this all the more bizarre...

A pull tab no less.  Hawaiians do have a certain respect for the past.

The Nakalele Blowhole was pretty awesome...

Way cooler than Old Faithful.

We headed back after this little adventure and hit the Maui Brewing pub for lunch and then found their production brewery and stopped for a tour and tasting...

(Most expensive sign EVER!)


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