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Serengeti day 2

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Today was our last full day of game drives. Well, actually only one all-day game drive. We left the lodge at 8 after breakfast. Then we got our packed lunches and were off.

We went to the area of the park known as the Saronera.... It is the greenest part of the plain because there is lots of water there and lots of water means lots of animals! We saw some crocs, hippos, leopards, a 2 cheetah brothers, lions, and a Cervil cat- which was a highlight of the trip for all of us!! We stopped at the visitors center to see the millions (well not really millions, it just seemed that way!) of tree and rock hyraxes. If you didn't know, hyraxes are the closest relatives to the elephants, but they are a lot furrier, the size of a rabbit, and MUCH cuter! The visitors center is famous for them!

After lunch, we slowly headed back toward our lodge, seeing some more wildlife on the way! When we got back, it was about 4 and we all were ready to relax by the side of the pool! Then, dad and I got ready early for dinner and sat at the fire pit, overlooking the Serengeti, playing cribbage. It wouldn't surprise you that I won.... Would it? Then, after a delicious dinner and a birthday cake for Dillu, we headed off to bed, ready for a goodnights sleep! Well, our last full day in the bush here in Africa is coming to a close... I don't want to think about it too much because I'm pretty sure I'll cry. I'll see you tomorrow at giraffe manor, and with luck, John will pick us up in Nairobi one last time! 


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African Safari 2011

Kenya, Tanzania