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Arrival on the Serengeti

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Today, we left the crater at 8 and were on our way to the ever- popular Serengeti Plain, with a stop at the Olduvai Gorge, of course!

After about an hour of driving, we stopped at Olduvai. Olduvai Gorge is the place where Mary and Louis Leakey did a lot of archaeological work. They excavated many bones of extinct animals and it is also the place where then first Australopithecus poisei skull was found. To me, that doesn't mean much because who understands what an Australopithecus poisei skull is? But to my dad and experts on archaeology, that is amazing. I'm sure I'll learn more about it at a later date, but for now, it's just cool to say that I was there and saw where Mary Leakey found it.

After our visit to the Gorge, we headed on our way , with 5 hours of our drive remaining. When we FINALLY arrived at our lodge for the next two nights. The Saroi Serengeti was probably the most beautiful, and most spectacular hotel/lodge I've ever been to. It was gorgeous- to be concise. We were welcomed by one more welcome juice and cool towel (all of the lodges gave them to arriving guests.... Delightful!) and of course we had our briefing. Beatrice, the hotel manager, basically told us that the lodge is not fenced in; so at night, we aren't allowed to go anywhere without a Maasai warrior driving us in a golf cart. We need to be escorted to and from dinner, whenever we want to go to the pool we have to wait to be picked up. By the way, the Maasai warrior carries a  machete that was as long as my arm. I'm not kidding. What else.... The lodge has an amazing pool, a fire pit for the evenings, a great chef and all of the cabins have outdoor showers that look right out onto the Serengeti- the shower is absolutely amazing! Anyway, after we arrived, we had a quick (but delicious!!) lunch, and then headed out for an afternoon game drive. After about 10 minutes of driving with Tyson, we were eaten by Tsitsi flies. If I had to describe them, I'd say that they are bigger, meaner, they can fly as fast as 20MPH so there was no escaping them, and uglier mosquitoes. Their bites actually hurt. Nonetheless, we all had a fun time slapping them and killing them all!! After the game drive, we came home dusty, tired and we all had lost about a gallon of blood- I'm kidding. It wasn't that much, but it sure did feel like there were thousands of Tsitsi fly bites! I'm running out of time on the computer here, I think Beatrice wants to lock up and go to bed! After all it is almost 9!


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