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Ngorongoro day 2

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Today, we spent all day down in the crater! We woke up at 5:30 and were on the road by 6! This was too early for me... Sorry UJ!

Then we watched the sunrise and saw some amazing animals! A huge highlight was the Cervil is about twice the size of a house cat, but has spots like a cheetah and a face like a cartoon cat! He was pretty cute! Then we saw some lions with a kill (WILDEBEEST) and our fair share of jackals (one of my favs) and hyaenas!  We also saw some black rhinos (VERY RARE) and some elephants! We went to a hippo pond picnic site for breakfast and pushed on... Seeing some great animals along the way! I can't wait to show you my pics!! After lunch, we hung around until about 4 and then headed for the lodge... By then, we were so full of dust and so tired we just wanted to get home! I proceeded to take a 40 minute shower- It felt great!- making sure I was squeaky clean! Then we met back at the bar for cocktail hour and some more cribbage where I proceeded to beat dad badly... Not once, but twice!! After dinner, I peeled off to come say hi to you... But, my bed awaits! More from the Serengeti tomorrow... Goodnight!


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African Safari 2011

Kenya, Tanzania