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Arrival at Ngorongoro

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Today, we REALLY got to sleep in! We didn't leave until 10!!! When we left, Tyson had said that it was only going to be an hour drive to the crater so he suggested we do a quick nature walk through a nearby village called Mosquito River.

The walk was really interesting! We learned about different plants and vegetation and how people make a living in this town- they sell bananas! We even got to see a whole banana plantation! Then we went to see how people carve wood... Let me just say, it's not easy!! George and I got to try- he was WAY better than me! He made an attempt at helping a man with his mask and managed not to ruin it! I tried to help a guy while he carved a baboon- I don't think he'll be using that baboon any time soon...

After the carving, we learned all about a staple of the country- banana beer! We learned how it's made and what it's made of and then we even got to taste some! It had only 1.5-2% alcohol so you had to drink about 5 gallons to really get drunk. It didn't taste like bananas, but it was kind of sweet!

After our nature walk, we headed for the crater! When we arrive at the lodge, we realized that it was rather chilly up there so we quickly went to change into our sweatpants and long-sleeved shirts. Then we relaxed until 4 and went on another nature walk, this time with our guide, Nuru. This one was pretty bad until we got to visit a real Maasai village! We saw them butchering a cow they had just killed and we saw their home.... Definitely a trip highlight for me!! After the walk, we reconvened in the bar for some drinks and maasai dancers- our form of entertainment for the evening. Now, here I am, writing to    you all the way from the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania, Africa. I still can't believe I'm here.... I just don't want to come home...


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African Safari 2011

Kenya, Tanzania