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Tanzania- Day One

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Today, was relaxing. We got to sleep in a bit until 8 and were down at the entrance to the national park at 9-ish... George is always late.

We went on our morning, and first, game drive in Tanzania! I think that we all had such high hopes for Tyson since John was so good... He flopped a little. He wasn't as nice, or as outgoing as John was. We also felt that he didn't really care about making our trip to Tanzania that special. And he didn't seek out the wildlife- he let the less exciting stuff come to us on the road instead. But, nonetheless, we saw some exciting stuff! We saw tons of hippos, some buffalo, a bush buck, and lots of cool kinds of birds!! Then, when we came back, we had lunch and then had the rest of the afternoon to do what we wanted! Dad and I went to the pool for a bit, then George lost the key to our room so we got locked out for an hour. And then I just read my book for a while.

 We all met up again at 4:30 for our afternoon game drive.... Which, yet again, flopped. But we did see some more hippos, a snake, zebras, elephants, and some more very cool birds! We came back dusty and tired and ready for a nice, hot shower! After dinner, we played cribbage- a staple game for the Mavrogenes family. When I turned in to come tell you about my day and then to hit the hay,  I left dad and George deep into an intense game of gin rummy! 


I think I'm being shooed out of this bar/wifi hotspot area because all of the lights are slowly going off... Well, I'll let you know how the Ngorongoro Crater is tomorrow!!


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African Safari 2011

Kenya, Tanzania