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Attempt to see the Great Migration (Day two at masai mara)

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This morning, instead of going on our usual early morning game drive, we decided to go on an adventure!! John ordered us some packed lunches and lots of water, and at 8, we were on our way- George was feeling much better, thanks for asking!

When we left, we went to see a leopard, we found him! He was lying in the grass (VERY unusual) sleeping. I think that the number of vehicles there watching him woke him up. He got up, walked about 5 feet from the car- I was videotaping the whole thing, don't worry!- showed everybody his fangs, and walked off... VERY rare and VERY cool!! Then, when we left the leopard's bed, we drove 5 feet and saw his tree with a freshly caught impala hanging in it!! Then we kept going towards the river where the migration was said to be, but we ran into a Bull elephant who was mad about something. He came super close to charging us, by the way! We continued to see so many animals, cheetahs, lions climbing trees- which John has never seen and he has been in the business for 10 years, elephants, topis (a very large antelope), impalas, gazelle... just to name a few. We found a nice, shady tree at about 1, spread our blanket on the ground, and had our picnic lunch. To me, that was like seeing Africa. That was what I had always imagined it to be.

After lunch, I spotted something laying next to a tree and asked if we could go find out what it was... it was a cheetah. We decided to follow her for a while and then realized that she was planning a hunt! And then she was off... we saw he running after a herd of impalas, and then she disappeared into the trees. After a little while of patient waiting, we drove closer to the edge of the bushes to see if she had managed to catch an impala. She did. We saw her, eventually, chomping on the impala's back legs. This was definitely a trip highlight!! On our way home, we saw a "mini" Great Migration. We had attempted to see the wildabeasts crossing the river from Tanzania into Kenya, but with the cheetah, we never made it to the river. We did, however, see a herd of about a thousand wildabeasts crossing the road infront of us! It was very interesting, there were zebras leading the herd and zebras following up behind. John says that zebras are MUCH smarter than the wildabeasts so they stick with the wildabeasts not only because they know that the lions will prey on the dumber and slower one, but because the zebras know that the lions like the taste of wildabeasts more! And just as we were turning onto the main road that led to the lodge, we saw 3 lions trying to catch a wildabeast for dinner- it didn't work out so great. And as we got about 500 meters from the lodge, we saw the black rhino- there are only like 300 left in the wild and we got to see one!!

Today was so long and so tiring that I can't wait to hop into bed and call it a night! Tomorrow, we go to Tanzania... I think I'm going to cry when we say goodbye to John- he was the best guide! I hope Tanzania brings more animals for us to see!! Goodnight!


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African Safari 2011

Kenya, Tanzania