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Arrival at the Masai Mara

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I woke up this morning to a horrid smell, and sound. It was George. Apparently he had gotten either food-poisoning or altitude sickness. We don't know which it was. Either way, it was awful. The rest of us went to breakfast while George rested, and then, an hour and a half late, we left the lodge. We embarked on the longest, bumpiest, and hottest drives of my life.

When we reached the halfway point, we stopped for a bit, streched our legs, shopped, and, of course, went to the bathroom. Mom and dad bought some beautiful bowls, and some various other odds and ends. After an hour of bargaining in the shop, finally dad and the guy settled on a price. Then, we were on our way.

When we arrived at the park, we were amazed at what we saw. All of the parks we've been to have had their own distinct lay of the land, if you will. Samburu was dry, very dusty and semi-arid. Sweetwaters was green, lush and full of water. Lake Nakuru was forest-y and also green. The masai mara is mostly a flatland savannah with some rolling hills. I think it is the most beautiful yet, in my opinion. But the entrance to the park was a good hour from the lodge.

Upon arriving at the lodge, we wiped the dust that had piled onto our faces off, and then went to our cabins to relax after such a long and bumpy ride. At 4:30 (later than usual) we met for our first game drive on the mara- without sick-o  George, of course. We saw some amazing things! Leopard in a tree with a kill, elephants, 7 lion cubs with two mothers eating a buffalo that the adults had just killed, these were just the highlights. When we came home, I woke George up, and sat at "the lookout" as they call it, and read my book. The lookout is a protected balcony with a waterhole infront where animals come to drink. It was right outside of out tent, and so peaceful and serene, I didn't want to leave for dinner. After a big meal, here I am, once again, telling you about my day. Tomorrow, we're going to try and see the Great Migration... I hope it works out!!


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African Safari 2011

Kenya, Tanzania