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Arrival at Sweetwater Tent Camp

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      Today, we woke up leisurely, we got to sleep in until 7! We all met for one more meal at Larsen's and then headed out. On our way out, we saw some elephants right outside of the gates of the camp. A little farther along, we met a herd of oryx, an ostrich, some thompson gazelle and we think we may have seen a jackel. After we had left the gates of the Samburu National Game Reserve, we stopped at a Samburu village. Samburu people are nomads who basically live to take care of their animals- cows, goats and camels. The Samburu people are also EXTREMELY poor. They don't even eat vegetables and they can only scavenge for berries. Their diet consists of goat meat, goat milk and goat blood. That's all. They can't farm because the land is so poor and the climate is semi- arid, and, not to mention, it is totally unsaft to be doing anything in close proximity to lions! We ended up spending a rather large sum of money on beautiful, handmade jewelry, some wooden carvings, a giraffe tale, and some necklaces and bracelets. They will use the money to buy more beads and cows. With the money we gave them, they would be able to buy some beads and 2 or 3 cows. Dad didn't bargain too hard because they needed the money WAY more than we did, and they are just SO poor that it was a nice little present for them.

     We arrived at Sweetwater Tented Camp about 3 hours later. I'm writing this post from directly on the equator. Literally. The latitude is 00.00. Promptly after arrival at Sweetwater, we went to lunch and then, I did what most wouldn't attempt- I rode a camel. I know what you're thinking, "There's no way she would ride a camel, she's just trying to make her trip seem more interesting than it already is." Well you're wrong. His name was Patrick and he was probably one of the cutest camels I've ever seen, and believe me, I've seen many camels.... Not. After my ride, we went to a chimpanzee orphanage for abused chimps, where we met George, the vet and learned about the chimps! Then we headed on yet another game drive! We saw 4 white Rhinos- VERY RARE- we saw a cheetah and her two ADORABLE cubs, lots of elephants and warthogs, many zebras- loved them! It was a VERY successful game ride, if I do say so myself! Then we went to meet Baraka- a blind black rhino. We got to feed and pet him which was SUPER cool for me!! After Baraka, we headed home to put some warmer clothes on becuase it got rather chilly here! And after a delicious dinner, here I am telling you about my day today.

      For now, I'll say goodbye, only to say hello again tomorrow!


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