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Day 2 of Larsen's

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    Let me just say, I am SO thankful that we got to spend two nights here at Larsen's Tent Camp!! I was able to get my laundry done, my clothes were so full of dust that if I had hit them with a bat, like a rug, I was never going to get them completely dust free!!

    Anyway, today we got up before dawn- Phillip came with coffee, tea and cookies at 5:45 this morning. George and I got dressed quickly, and at about 6:15, we left for our early morning game drive! Right off the bat, we saw two male lions- they were young because they didn't have a full mane yet. We continued until about 8:30, seeing about 11 giraffes roaming the planes, a herd of impalas- with the head male fighting for his territory with another male, a greve zebra and a male gerenuck (a gerenuck is like an impala, only it is a bit taller and skinnier and slower than an impala) feeding all in one scene. I'm not kidding, the giraffes were traversing the plane way off in the distance, the zebra and impalas and gerenuck were feeding maybe 100 feet from the truck and the lions, well the lions were planning a hunt. The two had surrounded the herd of impalas and were planning an attack, but at the last minute, it was spoiled. The impalas picked up the lion's scent and fled the scene as did the zebra. It was very exciting anyway! After a VERY eventful morning game drive, we went back to camp for breakfast and to relax. We had from about 8:30 until 4 to eat, sleep, swim, read, or do just about anything else you wanted- as long as you didn't leave the grounds, we were told that we'd probably be eaten that afternoon by something.

       After our relaxing afternoon, we went on our evening game drive where we spent most of our time searching for the coveted leopard. John took us up towards the mountains, where there was nobody else, and we'd drive around for a while, pick a spot, and sit there. We'd stay there, binoculars glued to our eyes, looking for some kind of movement, anywhere. We never found our leopard in the hills, but it was just so quiet and peaceful being there that it didn't really matter. And just as we decided to head for camp, John turned the radio's volume up and told us to sit in the truck so he could drive faster. When we arrived on scene, John told us that there was a leopard in the area and to keep a good eye out for it! With George and I at the front, we kept spotting the leopard and followed him around for a while! We definitely got the BEST view of him!! That was probably a/THE highlight of my trip so far!!

       When we decided that we couldn't see the leopard anymore, we headed for camp, and besides, it was like an hour later than when the reserve closed and the rangers were out telling us to leave. We came to a delicious dinner and now, here I am, about to pass out of lack of sleep, writing this post. I'm about to go to bed and let me tell you, I can't wait!!




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African Safari 2011

Kenya, Tanzania