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Arrival at Larsen's

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      With sad hearts, we left the Mt. Kenya Serena Mountain lodge this morning. I can't say enough good things about the lodge! Aside from the hot watter bottles that the staff left in our beds when they came for turndown service, we were able to see so many animals who came to the waterhole behind the lodge! After a delicious breakfast, we headed out for Larsen's Tent Camp in the Samburu National Game Reserve.

       Just getting there took at least a couple of hours, with a stop on the equator, of course!! We were taught that when you're south of the equator, water turns clockwise when it is flushed down a toilet or when it is being poured through a large funnel! But, when you're north of the equator, the water turns counter-clockwise. The coolest part though was that to prove one is actually on the equator, the water does not turn in any direction. It just sits there.

       Okay, enough about the equator, onto the good stuff. When we arrived, we were greeted by some VERY nice people, and of course, you can't go anywhere without meeting some monkeys! These, well these just happened to be fervet monkeys! Upon arrival, we had lunch, went to our tents, and then went to the pool until about 4. At 4, we met John for our very first evening game drive! We weren't 5 minutes into it when we saw a pod of elephants feeding across the river and then we turned the corner and saw a female lion eating her kill- a nice, juicy impala. We watched he for a good 30 mins and the moved on! Throughout the rest of the game drive, we saw cheetah's, giraffes, more elephants, gazelle, impalas, various birds, and some other animals that I can't remember right now! Before returning to our camp, we went to a neighbooring camp and saw some wild Nile Crocodiles being fed! Considering we were about 5 feet from them, I was just a tad nervous! We came home dusty and exhausted to an amazing dinner with our two personal attendants (They were our waiters, our wake up calls, our laundry service and our round-the-clock "I need some coffee" guys.) Phillip and Evans could not have been nicer!

        After dinner, John came up to us and said, "I hope today was your worst day!" Our first day at Larsen's camp could not have been more successful!! I just hope tomorrow brings even more excitement!



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African Safari 2011

Kenya, Tanzania