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Official Day One!

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   Jambo again!! Well, today was our first FULL day in AFRICA!! George and I were so jet-lagged that we got up at 5 this morning, watched the sun rise over Nairobi and had breakfast in our hotel room! Let's just say, I'm running on empty right now!

   Anyway, after breakfast, we packed up and headed to the airport with John to pick Dillu up. (She made an error when she booked the trip and therefore had to come a day late) Then we embarked on our 4 hour journey to Mount Kenya! We are staying in a hotel on the slopes of the mountain which gets very cold at night!! As I sit here, I'm overlooking the waterhole where animals come to eat and drink. So far, we've seen Cape Buffalo, Elephants, Water Buck, Bush Buck, African Hares, Giant Hog, Spotted Haena, 3 different types of Mongoose, Genet Cats, Bush Baby monkeys, and my personal favorite, Cyse Monkeys who invaded my room by the way!

   So this afternoon, we were having lunch and got word that there were some Cyse Monkeys hanging out by the waterhole. I, the animal lover that I am, jumped up and ran to the balcony to see the cutie-pies! I soon discovered that they had gotten into a room and then remembered that our room was right where the monkeys were. I decided I'd go down and check if our room was alright and when I opened the door, there were two monkeys sitting on my bed, eating the carmel corn I brought from home. There was also one up near the ceiling who was eating the remains of my chex mix!!! I nearly had a heart attack when I saw that they had invaded our room! I ran upstairs, got Mom and Dad and they came running back down with me! A nice lady came to the rescue and shooed them away and housekeeping came and cleaned up the mess they had made! I looked on the floor by my bed and found an empty pack of gum with the shiny blue wrappers torn up and spread all over the room. A few minutes later, a monkey ran by the room, looked at us, took a blue chunk of gum out of his mouth and was licking it! Keep in mind that this chunk of gum was the size of a deck of cards! Boy, these monkeys really got to feast on some yummy snacks today!

   After my little monkey incident, we went on a nature hike! We saw elephant bones and some really cool plants! We also saw some birds and a few animals (named above). Did I mention that there was an army guard walking with us who carried a huge rifle with him incase anything happened to us? Kind of nervewracking...

   We were treated to a huge and delicious dinner and then our guide from today gave a talk on the history of Kenya and some animals we will see!! Super interesting!! I'm so tired, I think I could fall asleep just writing this post! I'll let you know how Larson's Tent Camp is tomorrow!


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African Safari 2011

Kenya, Tanzania