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LA - Day 2 & 3

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Day 2- Universal Studios
To Matt's absolute devastation, the camera decided to reject the memory card halfway through the day at Universal, which effectively meant we lost all our previous photos of Auckland, Santa Monica and Universal Studios. 

We managed to navigate the long public transport ride (1hr 45 min) to Universal City which was an experience in itself. Universal Studios was amazing! After almost not being allowed in without photo ID to support the ticket we had, we headed straight for the studio tour where we got to see the sets of Desperate Housewives, Back to the Future, Old western John Wayne movies and many more. The Jurassic Park and Mummy Ride were the most fun, whilst the Simpson ride made us almost spew. The Haunted House provided much amusement to Matt who was delighted in me packing myself. The Water World show had amazing stunts and pirotechnics. The front of line passes was an invaluable investment, allowing us to go to the front of the line for all rides and shows.

Day 3 - Hollywood Walk of Fame, Beverley Hills, Brentwood, LA Farmers Market

We went on the Star City Line Topdeck Bus tour today which took us on a route of all the main tourist sites of LA. The bus ran commentary and made mention of all the various sites movies had been shot including Pretty Women, Lethal Weapon, Oceans 11 & 12, Forrest Gump, Die Hard etc. LA really is all about movies - everything has a history of filmmaking behind it and all historical buildings and landmarks have been shot in a movie at some point in time. The upperclass suburbs of Brentwood, Beverley Hills, Bumble Bee Hills and Bel Air are really beautiful and you can see why the rich and famous live there. They have definately catered these suburbs towards the affluent, even painting the fire hydrant silver instead of yellow like the rest of LA, their own unique tree to line the street with every street having a different one and back alleys to leave the trash so the garbage trucks do not have to drive by the front of the house. 

Looking forward to exploring Venice Beach tomorrow.and more of santa monica
there food here is some of the biggest serves you ever see 


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