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The Top 10 Holiday Destinations for 2011

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Picking a destination for your next holiday can be difficult. With so many beautiful places in the world to visit, it can be difficult to choose just one. Here are ten of the hottest holiday destinations for 2011. The sooner you pick your destination, the sooner you can be relaxing and enjoying your trip.

1. New York City

One of the most iconic cities in the world, everyone should visit New York City at least once in their life. Go during the winter and enjoy all of the Christmas festivities or go during the summer and experience everything Central Park has to offer.

2. South Korea

This country is becoming a popular luxury holiday destination, due to its natural beauty and relative affordability. South Korea is home to nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

3. Los Cabos

While there might be some disturbing news stories about trouble along the border between Mexico and America, Los Cabos is a safe, fun, and beautiful vacation destination. Los Cabos is perfect for partiers who are looking for the hottest nightlife.

4. Rome

History surrounds you when you visit Rome. Once home to the most powerful civilization on earth, today's Rome is a cultural mecca, offering visitors culture, nightlife, and fine cuisine.

5. Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is one of the best places to take a family for a holiday. Adults and kids alike enjoy this fantasy world of attractions and spectacle.

6. Karlovy Vary

This city in the Czech Republic is famous for its hot springs. Take the ultimate luxury holiday, and stay at the Grandhotel Pupp. This resort has hosted many famous guests, including Mozart and Freud. Several movies have also been shot at this property, including the James Bond film, Casino Royale.

7. Cinque Terre

Five scenic villages overlook the Mediterranean at this holiday destination in the Italian Riviera. This is a great destination for adults looking for a romantic break or newlyweds hoping for a romantic honeymoon.

8. Costa Rica

If you like your trips to be a bit more adventurous, consider visiting Costa Rica. You will be able to devote yourself to your favorite outdoor activities, as there are plenty of opportunities to hike, kayak, and surf in this beautiful country.

9. Prague

To experience old world Europe, visit Prague. You will feel as if you stepped back in time. Prague offers amazing nightlife and remarkably well-preserved medieval architecture.

10. Hawaii

Hawaii's tourism has been down the past few years, so this is the time to visit these tropical islands for an affordable luxury holiday.


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