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City break istanbul

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 Istanbul is historically known as Constantinople. It is the only city in the world built on two continents, Europe and Asia, standing on the coast of the Bosphorus  .

                                 Istanbul deserves to be among the first choices for anyone considering a short city break. Few European cities have any where near as much to offer. With three and a half thousand years of history there's  no shortage of attractions and, as the only city on earth that straddles two continents, a visit to Istanbul is truly a unique experience. These days  Istanbul holidays  are No. 1 choice  in visitors so If u are planning  your  holiday you must consider Istanbul once.

Yalova Thermal Hot Springs Resort


Located in southeast of Istanbul's outskirts and easily reached by boat .Thermal just outside Yalova, is a very popular natural hot spring, famous as a spa since Roman times. The area is popular as a scenic destination itself or for the mineral baths with therapeutic qualities. Hotels, covered pools and treatment rooms offering massage and acupuncture are also available.


Uludag Milli Parki ( National Park)


Also known as Mount Olympus, the summit of Uludag lies at the heart of a 67,000-hectare national park, 110km (64 miles) south of Istanbul. The slopes of the mountain are cloaked in lush forest, and several traditional villages are preserved as living museums. In spring and summer, this is a great place to escape the city heat. In winter, ski-lifts carry visitors to the upper slopes and Turkey's most popular ski resort area.


Topkapı  Sarayı (Palace) Museum


Home of the Ottoman sultans for nearly 400 years. Topkapı is No. 1 of Istanbul sights, get there when it opens and go straight to the Harem. only a certain number of visitors are allowed at one time, so go there first to avoid waiting. After wandering through the Harem you can stroll the palace's spacious grounds and four courtyards at your leisure. Don't miss the Treasury in the 3rd courtyard, with its incredible gems, gold, and works of art

Open at 09:00 am, till 5 pm

closed Tuesday; TL 20 admission fee for adults


Tuerk Ve Eserleri Muezesi (Turkish and Islamic Art Museum)


Istanbul museum contains more than 40,000 items dating  from between the 7th to the 19th century. Its famous carpet display contains Turkish carpets depicting Holbein paintings and fragments of 13th-century Selçuk rugs. Further highlights include Ottoman Koran cases and stands, illuminated manuscripts and tiles, and the basement contains an exhibition of the evolution of the Turkish house - from nomadic tents to 19th-century palaces.


Blue Mosque


One of the most notable features of the Blue Mosque is visible from far away: its six minarets. This is very unique, as most mosques have four, two, or just one minaret. According to one account, the Sultan directed his architect to make gold (altin) minarets, which was misunderstood as six (alti) minarets


Dolmabahce Palace


Dolmabahce Palace was constructed by Karabet and his son, Balyan, in between 1843 and 1856 when Sultan I Abdulmecit was the crown of the Ottoman Empire. Some distinct European architectural perceptions influenced its building process. It has a fascinating design and a symmetrical plan which includes 43 halls, 285 chambers, 2 enormous gates, impressive gardens surrounding the palace. Moreover, its luxury was like legend. The first congress of Turkey called Meclis-i Mebusan was held in this palace in 1877. Some important people who came to visit Istanbul were accomodated here ..

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