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Attractions in Berlin

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Say Berlin and people immediately think of the Wall, even though it is over a decade since "Die Mauer" was broken down. But Berlin has much more to offer and is growing in popularity with tourists wanting something with a bit more grit than most European destinations. So plan your berlin city break

                                                           In the past century, Berlin has undergone more identity shifts than Bob Dylan. To many people, Berlin evokes unfortunate images of World War II or stereotyped images of lederhosen , but the reality is that Berlin is a city of the 21st century, brimming with vibrance. A good way to get over the jet lag is to go up to the glass cupola in the building, which provides a good “starter” view of the city. Adjacent to the gate is the Adlon Hotel, recently famous for Michael Jackson’s baby-dangling escapades. The hotel serves glamorous clientele and is partly owned by Queen Elizabeth II.




Layer upon layer of Berlin’s urban history is located in Alexanderplatz, interweaving centuries of social, political, and architectural history and repeatedly the subject of public debate and urban design competitions.


The sublime Tiergarten cuts a huge, green swathe through the centre of Berlin, its tree-shaded walks, secluded copses and picturesque gardens providing the perfect venue for an afternoon's relaxation. Dissected by canals and the Neuer See lake, the park has become a renowned venue for naked sunbathing in summer (not compulsory, or widespread) though probably of more universal appeal are the beer gardens that heave with locals and tourists at the weekends.


  Berlin TV Tower

If you're after views, the best on offer are those from the Fernsehturm, the massive television tower that looms over East Berlin. At 368 metres it makes for a distinctive landmark and is ever-present wherever you are in the city. Today a splash of capitalist neon illuminates this once mighty symbol of Communism, but doesn't detract from its space-age appeal.

Berliner Dom :

The Berliner Dom (Berlin Cathedral), completed in 1905, is Berlin’s largest and most important Protestant church as well as the sepulchre of the Prussian Hohenzollern dynasty.


Brandenburger Tor:

The Brandenburg Gate is one of Berlin’s most important monuments – a landmark and symbol all in one with over two hundred years of history.


Checkpoint Charlie:

Checkpoint Charlie, along with Glienicker Brücke (Glienicker Bridge) was the best known border-crossing of Cold War days.



Everyone is supposed to remember that Berlin’s Fernsehturm (TV Tower) is 365m high and is the tallest building in Berlin.


Jüdisches Museum:

A timeless monument to Jewish history and life in Germany, Daniel Libeskind’s Berlin Juedisches Museum is one of the world’s undisputed museums and architectural gems.



Berlin’s Museumsinsel (Museum Island) is a unique ensemble of five museums, including the Pergamon Museum – built a the small island in Berlin’s Spree River between 1824 and 1930.


Rotes Rathaus

Berlin Rotes Rathaus, literally Red Town Hall, is the seat of the Berlin Senate – city government – as opposed to local, district government which is housed in the district Town Halls.


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