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Holiday in Madrid, Spain

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Madrid, the capital of Spain is a hugely cosmopolitan city catering for many nationalities, the center for Spanish Government and the home of their Royal Family. It has over 3 million people living in the city and can trace its origins back to the Arab conquests in the 9th century. It fell into Christian hands in the 11th century and since then has been subsequently built upon until we have the majestic marvel of today's modern city. Surrounded by puertas (gateways) that light up at night, it is a stark reminder of a city that rarely sleeps.

Madrid's majesty has many sights of significant importance or interest. Boulevards such as the Gran Via is filled with shops that will delight the retail therapist and offers restaurants serving culinary delights to appease passing by tourists and locals. Plazas, like presentation cabinets, display fountains and monuments of statues such as The Botero statues, The Fallen Angel, Neptune's Fountain, The Fountain of Dolphins and the Fountain of Fame. The Medieval Center that dates back to the Hapsburg Empire, the Prado Museum which houses some of the world's most famous artworks from Goya, Velázquez and even some of Turner's masterpieces.Luxury Holidays Madrid

Simply put, no majestic display would be complete without some Royal. The Royal Family of Spain may not officially live at the Palacio Real (unlike the monarchy of the UK) but it is used for state occasions and so therefore has its grandeur carefully maintained. All of these fascinating insights into the Spanish capital show-pieces can be visited by joining one of the famous bike tours, by public transport via bus, train or the Metro Madrid. If you buy a Madrid Tourist Travel Pass, which is relatively cheap, you will also avoid the surcharge of traveling from the airport. These can be used on all public transport.

If traveling from the airport, which is a mere 15km away, besides the public transport listed above, they also have the Aerocity which is a very affordable taxi service, useful for carting luggage, which may be otherwise difficult on public transport. However, you may have to share this service with another traveler. Chauffeur driven AresMobile are a more expensive luxury taxi service, which will meet you and greet at the arrival lounge and speak the language that you specify at the time of pre-booking this arrangement. Legitimate taxi firms will not attempt to tout their business within the airport so please ensure if you have not pre-arranged, to be careful to seek out the regular service outside. Car rental alike the above taxi services can also be pre-booked in advance.

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Holiday in Madrid, Spain

madrid, Spain